9:20 – 10:30     Europe’s New Reality: When Urbanisation, Digitisation and Globalisation Collide


Swedish economist and international business guru Dr. Kjell Nordström, predicts the world will get even smaller over the next few decades. The pattern of international business as we know it will radically change from being multi-national to multi-urban, bringing an influx of new industries to Europe. Is your business properly positioned to survive this paradigm shift? Dr. Nordström will describe how we’re at the beginnings of the fastest business model transformation since the second industrial revolution and the mind shift required to thrive in it. 

In the second half, Dr. Nordström will be interviewed by Nicola McGrane to explore the implications of this new reality for business events.

Learner Outcomes:

·        Describe the current socio-economic landscape in Europe

·        Assess the implications this new wave of globalisation will have on business events and your sector

·        Determine a future focused strategy to capitalise on the early phases of this business revolution