3:30 PM – 4:30 PM     Leveraging eSports Experience to Improve Event Outcomes

In the world of eSports, people follow their favorite players and become fans of that player. This digital fandom has led to sold out venues where fans flock to see their favorite players compete in a video game live. As event organizers, we strive to do the exact opposite. Our goal is to sell out live venues and then engage a digital audience to extent our event's reach. In this session you'll learn how to amp up your event experience when you think outside the box and view the experience holistically for both those in person live and those watching from home. 

  • Explore strategies to engage a digital audience to extent event reach
  • Discuss how to react to participant feedback during the event and make changes on the fly in order to improve the experience
  • Explore strategies to encourage sponsors to embrace nontraditional event experiences