3:15 PM – 4:30 PM     Business School: Pitching Perfect: Secrets to Persuasive Arguments

You've done your research and know the next steps that would be most beneficial for your organization. Now you have to get everyone on board. Instead of sweating over this step, recognize it as a great opportunity to elevate your role in front of key stakeholders. In this session, Miami University professor of entrepreneurship Chris Sutter will outline the key elements of a pitch and share underlying principles that make a pitch more effective.

Swimming with sharks:  In a nod to ABC’s “Shark Tank,” we've lined up some brave volunteers to pitch ideas to a few potential stakeholders, aka “sharks” (also volunteers). Our pitchers will craft an argument and respond to questions from the volunteer stakeholders.

Ready, set, pitch! Now it's your turn as audience members help our volunteers develop a stellar pitch for the sharks.

  • Discuss the key components of a strong pitch (what to say)
  • Explain the key characteristics of a strong pitch (how to say it)
  • Prepare for the questions that decision-makers might ask