Digital and omnichannel events are here to stay.

Are you equipped to lead the design, delivery, monetization and measurement of effective and highly interactive online gatherings that outperform expectations for participant engagement and ROI?

Earning the Digital Event Strategist certification will give you the tools to:

  • Plan, produce and measure digital and hybrid events from start to finish
  • Monetize digital events through fresh pricing and sponsorship strategies
  • Evaluate and choose the most sophisticated tech solutions


You create the digital event strategy, select leading technologies, and make the magic happen behind-the-scenes to reach new audiences with engaging content and interactive experiences.


6-Module online course that includes weekly “expert hours” with a live expert and a final exam.


You choose your start date from one of the options below. The program features 6 classroom hours and learners invest an average of 7 additional hours in self-paced studying and interacting with our experts.


It’s seamless to put the learnings from your DES certification into practice because our curriculum was designed by event professionals, for event professionals. PCMA’s certification program was among the first to-market and as of Oct. 2020, it is the most current and comprehensive.

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Digital Event Strategists are in demand. Whether you are shifting gears or heading in a whole new direction, DES certification is your key to career advancement.

Join the world’s largest community of Digital Event Strategists as we innovate digital and hybrid experiences for customers, employees, and stakeholders.

  • My company had just started talking about digital events, and I wanted to have the tools at my fingertips before decisions were made. Signing up was a benefit to my company and also a strategic move for my career.”

    Gayle Patterson Withers Director of Events, Law School Admission Council
  • DES was so much more than I expected both in terms of content, value and resources. I can see why so many companies use the DES certification as a criteria to evaluate a vendors commitment to digital education. I am confident my DES certification will continue to add value to my career long after I print the certification.”

    Michael Sullivan Director of Client Services, Vector Health
  • PCMA's DES course has such incredible ongoing resources, and you will learn so much. I believe it saved my job as I'm able to pivot to fully digital events in these trying times.”

    Caitlin Hume Director of Events, Kindred, New York
  • Receiving my DES Certification gave me the insight, knowledge and with that the confidence to speak to C-Suite Stakeholders and to effectively plan, produce and measure Digital Events for my clients with great success. The DES Course provided the tools, mapped out the formula and as long as you apply it, you too will be producing successful digital events in no time.

    Kyle Smith Information Systems Manager, Conference Consultancy South Africa
  • For so many years, hospitality and conference management professionals have had no true acknowledgement of their dedicated expertise. The DES certificate is a new label for quality, proven qualification but also for passion about our networking business – in whatever format it is to be.”

    Jocelyne Mülli Managing Director, K.I.T. Group



  • Six weeks of self-paced materials.
  • Live access to experts during Expert Hour weekly.
  • Final week of Exam Prep and sit for Final Exam


$745 for members

Group Discounts: Discounts start at 10% off for groups of 3-26 participants from an organization. Complete the contact form below for group-discount inquiries. For groups of 26 participants or more, please contact us at


  • Recertify every two years.
  • Complete 20 new clock hours to stay certified.



Stefania Conti-Vecchi

Mandy Brown, CIS, CITP

Instructor, L. Robert Payne School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, San Diego State University

View Profile

Will Curran, DES

Founder & Chief Event Einstein, Endless Events

View Profile

Sourabh Kothar, DES - Director of Advocacy, Brand and Content, Signifyd

Sourabh Kothari, DES

CEO, Mindcurrent

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Mary Beth Micucci Headshot NEW

Mary Beth Micucci, DES

Learning and Audience Engagement Specialist, MBM Consulting

View Profile

Stefania Conti-Vecchi

Stefania Conti-Vecchi, DES

Founder & CEO, EVENTagist

View Profile

Joshua Butler

Chief Operating Officer, Falcon Events

View Profile

Founder & Principal Planner of Event Specialists

Mahoganey Jones, CMP, DES, HMCC

Founder & Principal Planner, Event Specialists

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Digital and hybrid events are here to stay. Learn how industry leaders are innovating to deliver high engagement, financially successful events, and which platforms are best suited to meet your event needs.

Registration. Sponsorships. Exhibitors. Everything we know and love about in-person events is managed differently for hybrid and virtual events. Learn how to budget and plan for your digital events, and which options work best for hybrid events and perpetual experiences (available 365 days a year).

We all know “content is king.” But it can’t make an impact without the right audience engagement strategy. Learn how to plan your digital event agenda, design each session type, prepare your speakers, and engage your audience through a variety of options for interactivity.

Digital event technology evolves quickly. Learn about the industry’s key platforms and production processes to design, deliver, and archive amazing digital events. Lighting, audio, cameras, streaming, chat, polls, and many more technical aspects of digital events are covered in this module, along with planning, checklists, and best practices.

Generate excitement, garner interest, and register participants. Learn how to reach new audiences, drive awareness, and maximize participation in your digital events. Leverage social media platforms to amplify your message and attract attendees. Learn how to engage audiences across numerous events and build your loyal digital tribe.

A digital event is only as successful as its impact on its attendees. Learn which metrics matter most to determine the success of your digital events. The value of your digital events doesn’t end when the live stream is over.


Your investment in education and practical training is secure with PCMA’s Moneyback Guarantee. If you’re not getting the value you hoped for, simply let us know in the first 30 days for a full refund.


Q: I’m having trouble logging in to the course. How do I troubleshoot?
A: Make sure that when you access the course, you are logging in to, navigating to your My Purchases page, and selecting the Access Now link. Any attempts to log in from a sub-page of PCMA or the LMS directly are not recognized by the system.

If you are experiencing issues, we recommend clearing your browser’s cache, or logging in on a different browser. If you are still experiencing issues, please contact us at

Q. How long will I have access to the DES course content?
A. The course expires one year from when you were granted access.

Q. I purchased the DES course for my team members. How do they log in?
A. Group purchases are facilitated through our PCMA Community Team. If you are interested in a group purchase, please submit your request through our contact form below. When completing a group purchase, our team will provide the purchaser a code to share with your team for them to use when registering for the course. This code will zero out their carts to reflect the course has been paid for, while collecting the necessary information to get them registered for the course.

If your team does not already have PCMA accounts to register for the course under, they can easily create one by selecting Sign In at the top of our home page, and selecting Create Account.

Q. Are there quizzes for each Module?
A. Yes. There is a required quiz at the end of each module.

Q. What is the passing grade for quizzes? For the final exam?
A. In order to obtain your DES certification, you must achieve at least a 80% or higher in all quizzes, and a 70% or higher on the final exam.

Q. What is the deadline for each quiz?
A. Since the course is self-paced and was built to be flexible and support busy schedules, you can take the quizzes whenever you’d like, as long as you complete them before taking the final exam.

Q. What is the format of the quizzes?
A. Quiz questions are repeated but randomized with each attempt. If you do not achieve an 80% or higher and must retake the quiz, you will see the same 10 questions.

Q. Do I need to pass each quiz before I move on to the next module?
A. It is not required to take the quizzes in order, but we do recommend passing each quiz before you proceed to the next module.

Q. What is the timeline I should follow for the coursework?
A. The course was designed with your busy schedule in mind. The video lessons and quizzes can be completed on your own time. However, we do encourage learners to complete one module each week to align with the topics being discussed during each weeks’ Expert Hour.

Q. What is the format of the final exam? What is the average time most people take to complete the exam?
A. There are 100 questions

  • You have a time limit of 3 hours
  • You will not have an option to save and finish later
  • It will not let you finish with any questions left unanswered
  • You have to achieve a score of 70% or higher to pass
  • If you do not receive a passing score of 70% or higher you can take it again an unlimited amount of times with the same link and password

The actual time taken to complete the exam varies from student to student, but many students do not need the full 3 hours if they have studied adequately.

Q. What happens if I don’t pass the exam?
A. You will have unlimited chances to take the final exam at no additional cost.

Q. Where and when will the live expert hour videos be posted?
A. The Expert Hour videos will be published in the LMS within 24 hours of the session. They can be found in the corresponding module within the LMS.

Q. How long does the certification remain valid?
A. Upon successfully completing the DES course, you will remain certified for 2 years. We recommend completing the 20 CEU during that time period to remain current. Once the 2 years is up, you will be able to apply for recertification for $150.

Q. I’m in the Self-Paced course/a cohort from earlier this year and no longer see how I may sit for the final exam. How can I take the exam?
A: Your final step will be to submit the $300 for your exam, after which you will receive a direct link to take your exam. To submit payment and complete the final exam, please email us at

Q. How can we access additional CEUs in preparation for the recertification process?
A. PCMA regularly hosts webinars on various topics related to Digital Event Strategies. Join us!

Q. What do I do if I have a vacation, surgery, etc. scheduled during the course?
A. Since our course is flexible , learners can choose to work ahead to cover the weeks they will be absent from the Expert Hours and catch up once they return. Or you can follow the schedule as outlined and once you return you could cover more than one module per week. We advise trying to stick to the schedule as closely as you can in order to get the most out of Expert Hours as they happen live. If you do need to miss a live Expert Hour, know that it will be recorded and uploaded to the LMS within 24 hours.

Q. I still need assistance. How do I contact PCMA?
A. You can email and you can expect a response within 2 business days.

Q. Where can I find a link to the DES LinkedIn group for networking?
A. You can find the link in the introduction module- Join us on social media!


Complete the form below, and we’ll be in touch.

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