CASE Online Course

What is CASE?

The Certified Association Sales Executive 10 module online course is an interactive, self-paced, certificate course that fills your knowledge gaps, builds your business acumen and teaches you how to become an association mastermind. Discover how to anticipate the needs of your clients and be perceived as a partner, not just a vendor.

What’s Included?

  • Each of the first 9 modules features a self-assessment quiz to test your knowledge and ensure you have retained the course material
  • Modules 2-10 lead you through the steps to build an effective Account Plan for a client of your choosing; through research exercises and a SWOT Analysis you’ll identify opportunities on how you can best partner with your customers in the future
  • The course culminates with you presenting your strategic solutions to your target client and then guides you through a goal setting exercise you can apply to your future endeavors
  • After completing all ten modules, you’ll earn a CASE® certificate and 70 Clock hours
  • Includes online course exam and review
  • Professional Meeting Management® 6th Edition relevant chapters
  • Principles of Association Management 4th Edition textbook