North American Student Competition – Requirements of bids and student projects

The Business Events Meeting Industry Student Challenge engages competing teams on their knowledge and understanding of the Industry to create and propose a successful event. The goal of this challenge is to have a proposal for a meeting incentive trip,  exhibition,  tradeshow, consumer show,  convention, conference, congress or product launch (see glossary).

The winning team will be invited for a fully sponsored trip to attend Convening Leaders to interact with 5,000 industry thought leaders attending PCMA’s most important face to face platform.

Eligibility Proposal

  1. To be eligible for the PCMA Meeting Industry Student Challenge, you must:
    Be an enrolled, degree-seeking undergraduate or master student in the fields of meeting and /or events management, business/commerce management, hospitality or tourism related program.
  1. Teams can be integrated with participants of different class/level.
  1. Each team must be composed of a minimum of 4 / maximum 5 participants.
  1. Participants can only be on one team. Students cannot register for more than one team.
  1. The team is to submit a proposal (a complete business plan) considering the concept, the relevance, the commercial viability, an innovative way of organising an event and all other business considerations.

Proposals from participating teams will focus on one of the identified industry clusters and are to:

Conceptualize, business-test and organize an event, focusing on the selected industry cluster.

The proposed event should be one that is distinct from the existing ones organized for the selected industry cluster (i.e. it should not replicate anything that exists, past or present).

The proposed concept must also include an innovative feature or way of organizing the event (e.g. delegate experience, venue selection, meeting design).

Proposals must be submitted in PDF and PPT formats, (PPT template – sample provided), and must consider the following outline.

There are no specific length requirements. Graphics/tables/figures are encouraged to be included.

Outline: Each proposal must expand upon the following topics. If a section is not addressed, the team will be automatically disqualified:

►  Executive Summary

►  Introduction: Brief description of the project, the relevance and other considerations.

►  Landscape Analysis: Research and analysis reports and data. Past and current events held for the selected industry cluster. The opportunities in the selected industry cluster.

►  Event Concept: Brief description or outline of the event. Proposed revenue streams.

►  Detailed Program*: Dates of event & Activities description and rationale for selection of activities.

►  Operational Plan*: Review of venue/destination (for incentive trip). The rationale for selection. Set-up of space. Logistics.

►  Marketing Plan*: Target audience. Selected marketing & communication channels. Usage of selected channels.

►  Financial Plan: Estimated budget (i.e. Profit & Loss Statement). Revenue & estimated cost analysis.

►  Human Resources Plan: volunteer, outsourcing & strategic partners

►  References/Appendices: List of references and or appendices

*Teams are strongly encouraged to propose new and innovative ideas for these components. Proposed ideas need not be new for the industry, however, have to be an improvised version of the existing.


Registration & Submission of Proposal

 To register teams must complete the registration form
 All teams must receive a registration of confirmation, before submission of the proposal.
 Submissions are to be received no later than October 15th, 2018
 Late submissions will be excluded from the challenge.
 Proposals must be submitted in PDF and PPT formats.
 No revision of any kind will be entertained after the submission deadline, therefore teams are strongly advised to submit their final version after thorough internal checks.
 Any supporting documents in Excel or Word formats have to be named according to content and organized in folders.
 Teams are to submit their final set of the proposal with supporting documents in a zipped folder and name the zipped folder by the respective institution and team name – (i.e. <name of school>_<team name>)

Presentation of Proposal

After proposals are scored, the top 5 teams will be invited to present their final proposal to the panel of judges via a live webinar* that will be broadcast to PCMA’s worldwide audience, with a 5 minute Pitch
Presentation and 5-10 minute Q&A session.

 The pitch presentation and Q&A session should show that each group member has a strong understanding of the proposed event and has contributed to the final project.

 Judge criteria:
1. Idea and concept formulation
2. Relevance to the Industry
3. Strategic and Operational Planning
4. Marketing strategies
5. Innovation
6. Commercial viability
7. Presentation Skills and Team Building

*Participants may be required to take part in one or more rehearsal sessions prior to the live webinar.

The winning team will be announced on the same day after the webinar presentation of all finalists.

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