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We all utilize dozens of websites that require login and can overlap between work and play, so we have to track down that page with our login clues for all of our oft-repeated passwords. When I recently merged my professional and personal laptops, I finally decided to get serious about security.

lastpass_onphoneLastPass has lived up to the challenge of requiring just one final, last password. I remember my LastPass password (which is complicated!), then use the Chrome extension or iPhone app to one-click in my saved profiles for any site. It’s sleek and simple and uncomplicated.

Adding logins to your “Vault” takes a millisecond. For websites where you may switch between your personal and professional accounts, Last-Pass can prompt you with a quick choice of profiles. A password-rating feature can also show you how terrible you are at repeating your pet’s name across sites. Then, generating a gibberish password as replacement is so easy, you’ll feel guilty if you don’t secure it.

I quickly upgraded to the $1/month premium version to sync across unlimited devices. As a 2017 resolution, I’m going to log the rest of my passwords into my Vault, and shred my paper trail!

JESSICA FITTING, CMP, Program Manager, Red Velvet Events

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