Freeman Plus Hubilo Equals the Best of Live, Virtual, and Hybrid Events

A Sponsored Message From Freeman

Author: Jennifer N. Dienst       

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Driven by data and the industry’s largest network of experts, Freeman has been the business event industry’s go-to solution for event management for more than 100 years.

More than ever, business event organizers know that flexibility is key to pulling off a successful business event, whether held in a physical or digital space or somewhere in between. That means that organizers need partners who are able to adapt as easily as  they are, and who can provide innovative solutions that evolve as their events do.

The recently announced partnership between Freeman and Hubilo enables exactly that. Freeman has combined its strategic expertise and event planning knowhow with Hubilo’s event technology to offer organizers a one-stop-shop for all of their event needs. Whether it’s creating a virtual happy hour or building out digital booths for an online trade show, “all aspects of hybrid or digital events can seamlessly be managed regardless of size or needs,” said Janet Dell, president and COO of Freeman, “through a single team and contract.”

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With innovative features and tons of flexibility, Hubilo’s virtual and hybrid event platform is designed for engagement.

Organizers can think of the platform as their own scalable online venue, complete with all of the tools they need to craft an original event experience, captivate audiences both digital and live, and bolster engagement between that audience and their sponsors. Those tools are wide-ranging, from gamification features to insightful data analytics to custom branding capabilities.

Hubilo’s tried-and-tested platform also gives attendees the ability to tune in to their events via the device of their choice, whether on their iPhone or Android mobile device or at home in front of their computer. To date, Hubilo has hosted more than 12,500 events on its platform, catering to almost one million attendees.

“With our focus on putting the event planner first, it makes sense that we are partnering with Freeman to create a streamlined hybrid offering for event planners to do their most creative work and bring people together across borders, languages, and cultures,” said Hubilo’s CEO and founder Vaibhav Jain. To learn more, visit

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