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Sioux Falls
Sioux Falls, South Dakota, will be piloting a new, on-demand public bus system without routes and schedules this summer — thanks to the mayor’s participation in a summit in New York City.

How a Summit Remade a City’s Transit System

Fuckup Nights
The full name of FUN may offend some people, but the movement to celebrate screwups is resonating with thousands of people around the world and major companies who want to eliminate the stigma of failure.

This Event Community Talks About When Members Have F’d Up

Exhibitor/Attendee Ratios
What’s the right number to aim for at an event with a mix of vendors and attendees? The PCMA Catalyst community weighs in.

Doing the Math on Exhibitor/Attendee Ratios

Local Theme for Events
The PCMA Catalyst community offers suggestions on how planners can create experiences that incorporate the culture of their event destination.

How to Add Local Touches to Event Receptions

Foundation donations
As Australia and Puerto Rico cope with bushfires and the aftermath of a series of earthquakes, there are opportunities for the events industry to come to their aid, says PCMA President and CEO Sherrif Karamat. Here’s what PCMA is doing, and how you can help.

How Business Events Can Help Australia and Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico
Convene visits with a Puerto Rico hotel exec for a firsthand account of how most tourist and event destinations remain unaffected by recent earthquakes and the recovery efforts that are underway for those who have been displaced.

Resilient Puerto Rico is Open for Visitors

World Economic Forum
As the World Economic Forum concludes this week, here are some unusual perspectives about the way it is organized and its outcomes.

The Trouble With Davos: World Economic Forum’s Delegate ‘Rankings’

PCMA Jordan Convention Bureau
The new partnership has resulted in an education workshop for industry professionals in Amman, designed to explore strategies to bring more business events to Jordan.

PCMA Teams up With Jordan Convention Bureau for Education Initiative

One Convening Leaders 2020 session presenter conducted a little experiment among his audience to find how risk averse event organizers are. The results speak volumes about getting buy-in for your bold ideas.

How Risk Averse Are Event Organizers?