Digital Event Strategist: Summer 2019 – Production: Part 2 of 3


As with physical events, the success of digital events is predicated upon efficient project management. In this module, we’ll share examples of detailed project plans and timelines to organize the various moving parts. We’ll examine the skillsets, internal collaborators and outside resources you’re likely to use as you launch your initiative as well as day of responsibilities. This includes a discussion on how to build out an environment that properly represents your brand and fosters interactivity. Technical insights abound. We’ll detail key A/V requirements for digital and hybrid events including cost benchmarks, share expert tips for executing quality production, and demystify tech considerations for streaming, encoding, encryption, and internet testing. Also covered are best practices for finding, vetting and coaching good presenters including legal nuances of speaker contracts for digital events – and engaging sponsor participation and recognition.


  • Duration: 01:01:54
  • Date: 08/27/2019
  • Speakers:

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