DEI: Technology Solutions Standard RFP Template and User Guide

Selecting a solution provider can be daunting and time consuming task. To help streamline the process for event producers and solution vendors alike, DEI has created an industry standard RFP to make this process easier for everyone.

Goal: Design an effective way to communicate organization and event information to multiple solution providers so they can quickly provide estimates and responses, while creating a comprehensive and easy to read comparative tool to select the best provider for your needs.

Throughout the template you can personalize, ask specific questions and provide additional specialized information.
The industry standard excel template is broken into three worksheets.

  1. RFP Client Information – to be completed by organizations looking for solution providers and includes: organization details, contact information, event details, type of event(s), and specific information for each event (date, location, goals, event history, projected attendance, number or sessions, requirements, etc.)
  2. Solution Matrix – to be completed by each solution provider submitting a proposal. It includes the organization details, contact information, company profile, case-studies/client referrals, team details, type of event/services they host and a detailed check box matrix of the functionality of their solution with space to add descriptions. In addition, the solution can provide additional attributes not already mentioned, answer specific client requirements and questions, include a pricing breakdown and a place to itemize additional important attachments.
  3. Client Comparison Grid – to be completed by the client. This section provides a systematic way to review the results of each solution vendor side-by-side. The template has space for up to three vendors, however, you can expand the template to best meet your needs. The goal of this grid to give you a working tool to discuss the solutions, identify those that best align with your needs and priorities and quickly identify additional information required or needs to help with your selection process.

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