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A Digital Event Strategist (DES) certification shows that you are the authority on live stream and digital events. See how PCMA can help you earn your DES Certification!

Guidance from PCMA

PCMA is committed to recovery for our industry and the global economy. We know that the business events industry will lead the way towards global economic recovery. We have taken swift and immediate steps to usher in recovery, such as partnering with various agencies in Washington for financial recovery assistance. Our recovery efforts will continue and we look forward to being able to come together again as one industry.

At PCMA we advocate safety for your staff, event workers and attendees first and foremost. We all have a part to play in the containment of COVID-19 by following all recommended guidelines to curb the spread of illness. If you are unable to have your event as planned, there are other ways our industry is continuing to connect. Some have found success in moving events to a digital platform. Postponing your event could be a good option as well. Only you know what the right choice is for your event.

The economic impact of this global pandemic has reached everyone. Some ways to help include donating event takeaways (such as small bottles of hand sanitizer) or unused food from canceled events to the following places:

  • Local food pantries
  • Shelters
  • House of worship
  • Community Centers

Many of us are working from home for the first time, while others are experts at remote work. Still, we all need human connection. At PCMA we are working on additional ways to bring our community together digitally. Here are a few current options:

Recovery. While we cannot predict exactly what will happen, we do know that this difficult time will pass. PCMA will be there for you every step of the way, championing recovery for our industry. We will celebrate your successes and stand by you in your setbacks, because that is what community means.

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The COVID-19 coronavirus, which was first identified in December 2019, has spread around the world, creating a rapidly changing situation. These public health organizations can provide the latest information about the pandemic.