Webinar: 5 New Practices for Producing Digital Events

Modern event production is different. It doesn’t feel the same, nor does it cost the same. Plus it requires you to think about your in-person, hybrid, and virtual events differently from concept to execution.

Webinar: Sustainability in Action at CL23 & Beyond

In this webinar, Honeycomb Strategies will share how events that truly consider environmental and social impacts can enhance brand, streamline event flow, and create a more meaningful experience for attendees and maybe even get to net zero carbon!

Digital Future of Events - Julius Solaris

Event Industry Perspective: 2023

After two tumultuous years, how has the event tech industry changed? What trends will continue in 2023? How will they affect your events? There’s only one person we need to ask: Julius Solaris.

Extreme Event Marketing

Event marketing transformed during the pandemic, and it’s changing again. Rapidly. Learn from two of the best in our industry and bring your audiences back. In-person and online.

Webinar: Accessibility Considerations for Event Planners

During this webinar, we'll discuss some key considerations to produce accessible events that benefit not only individuals with disabilities, but also help to ensure that all participants are able to fully engage in the event.

PCMA EduCon Makers Series Webinar: Production & Experience Outcomes

The team behind EduCon will reveal how they got creative with producing a revised hybrid event model, share the design and outcomes of the partner activations and experiences in The Hub and how collaborating with the host city partners and event suppliers led to the delivery of an immersive experience.

Live Q&A: Connecting Attendees Everywhere

In-person, online, does it really matter? No matter where your event attendees are, they want to connect with each other. How are leading event managers doing this? What works and what doesn't? Let's ask John D'Adamo from VenuIQ.

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