Heard Around PCMA Convening Leaders Day 3

PCMA Convening Leaders 2019 ended on a rousing note Wednesday. Here are some of the quotes that Convene editors heard that resonated with them during the final day of Disrupt + Deliver sessions in Pittsburgh.


What’s Trending in Business Event Technology

What are the top technology trends in the business events industry in the coming year? Who better to ask than the tech experts at Convening Leaders, many of whom presented educational sessions in the Innovate and Elevate Arena. We asked: “What’s the one technology trend you are keeping your eye on in 2019?”


How to Put What You’ve Learned at Convening Leaders Into Action

Now that we’ve reached the final day of Convening Leaders 2019, how will you take what you’ve learned here in Pittsburgh back home with you? In an article Convene recently published, Charlotte Blank, chief behavioral officer at Maritz, talked about how our brains process our experiences at events.


Heard Around PCMA Convening Leaders Day 2

PCMA Convening Leaders 2019 delivered some disruptive speakers Jan. 8. Here are some of the quotes that Convene editors heard that resonated with them during the second full day of sessions in Pittsburgh.

German Convention Bureau

German Convention Bureau’s Research Identifies Attendee Types

Three key strategies — adding surprising or disruptive change elements, facilitating effective knowledge transfer, and catering to different attendee needs — create memorable events. Those are among the findings of phase two of “Future Meeting Space,” a research project conducted by the German Convention Bureau (GCB) and funded by the PCMA Foundation. The results were

Carol McGury

Carol McGury, MPS, 2019 Chair, PCMA Foundation Board of Trustees

My goal as chair of the Foundation is certainly to ensure that the Foundation provides the resources to support the global growth goals for PCMA in general. Part of what we do — and really the main tenet of our focus — is to make sure that there is the right kind of funding for key scholarships and research and that we’re bringing opportunities for industry-leading education to the marketplace and to the community.

Gregory O’Dell

Gregory O’Dell, Chair, 2019 PCMA Board of Directors

We have a bold new strategic plan for PCMA, and we have a very aggressive business plan, said Gregory O’Dell, 2019 Chair, PCMA Board of Directors. That strategic framework makes my job a bit simpler: It is to support the organization and focus on the implementation of that vision.

Andrew Sykes

Andrew Sykes: Think of Your Event as a Person

Andrew Sykes, founder of the Behavioral Research Applied Technology Laboratory, previews his Jan. 9 Convening Leaders 2019 session, “High Performance Habits of Magnetic Human Beings,” and how events, like people, have personalities.