Social Trends’ Impact on the Future of Digital Events

Everyday social interaction is transforming our lives with Pokémon GO, the presidential conventions live streams and the exploding world of e-sports. This session examines the evolving cultural engagement shifts surrounding us and provides insight on how these trends could impact the future of digital events.

Navigating the Legal Aspects of Digital Events

As the digital space evolves, it’s critical to understand the potential legal ramifications of digital events and live streaming. PCMA legal counsel Paula Goedert will demystify the critical legal implications and translates them into advice to help protect your organization.

The ROI Report Proving the Impact of Digital Events

Digital events give our organizations an opportunity to easily engage participants in a new way but it can be difficult to see the direct return on investment. Beyond event evaluations, testimonials and chatter, we now have actual data proving the positive impact of going digital. In this session we’ll deconstruct the PCMA ROI report directly tracking revenue and membership engagement secured through digital events.

The State of the Global Internet Landscape

Digital events are a powerful way to extend your global reach. This session explores the world of the Internet, examining the bandwidth and legal accessibility for Internet connections from all corners of the world making our events possible.

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