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Unlocking Augmented Reality’s Power

‘Everyone wants to transcend the everyday and experience the extraordinary,’ says Darren Lim, senior vice president of Pico+, as he explains how AR can create exhibitions that wow.

Overcoming our Fear of Failure

When travel entrepreneur Simon Wong tried to launch a new business in Singapore, he was met with several big challenges — including lobbying government to change the law. He shares his experience while pointing out the difference between failure and giving up.

K-Pop Incentives: Perceptions vs. Reality

Alex Paik, managing director of Seoul-based brand consultancy AP Communications, offers tips on how event planners can overcome logistical challenges to deliver on client expectations for incentives in Seoul.

ThoughtLeadership-Selina Chavry

‘It’s Not About Having All the Answers’

#ThoughtLeadership ‘It’s Not About Having All the Answers’ Pacific World’s global managing director, Selina Chavry, shares insights on how to lead in today’s new normal of constant change.