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How to Engage Millennial Attendees

A new study points to key differences in the way millennials and baby boomers prefer to interact, which could inform congress programmes.

Sarah Fleming on Work-Life Balance

If Sarah Fleming's company is any indication, flexible working hours is key to a happy workforce and a successful business.

Want Audiences to Interact? Unleash a Pitbull

The organisers of The FRESH Conference 2018 are taking the decades-long challenge of how to increase audience engagement into their own hands rather than leaving it up to their speakers.

Getting Serious About Play at Events

If you think the way to engage attendees at your event is to create competitive games, meeting designer and management motivation consultant Bo Kruger says you’ve only got it half right.

Denmark Wins WorldPride 2021

Copenhagen won the bid to host the world’s largest LGBTQ event, based largely on its platform of openness and tolerance.

Business in Barca: IBTM World 2018 Review

Following a much-hyped build-up, in late November, attendees finally saw what Reed International organisers had in store for their 30th-anniversary edition of IBTM World.

Making Business Travel Take Less of a Toll on Your Health

After suffering a heart attack on his way to ibtm world last month, Klaus Span shares his perspective on his much-needed new approach to business travel. The entire events community can learn valuable lessons from his medical emergency.

Talking Chatbots

Will 2017 go down as the year event organisers in Europe joined the stampede with other industries to employ chatbots to provide an array of customer-interaction services?