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Is Facebook a Tech or Media Company?

We call it social media, but Facebook, currently under scrutiny for its role in the Cambridge Analytics data access scandal, calls itself a tech company. So, what’s the truth and what does it have to do with the business-events industry?

Putting Patients on the Programme

Patients are an important part of the European Respiratory Society International Congress, and other medical associations are likewise recognizing the value of giving patients a role and voice at their events.

Four Hotel Chains on the Rise of Communal Spaces

The lobby has become much more important than the place to check in and out. Here is how four hoteliers are designing public spaces to meet the demands of today's business traveller.

Now Appearing on Stage

Holographics on display at International Confex 2018 not only created wow moments, but helped attendees visualise how telepresence could be used at their own events.

How to Engage Millennial Attendees

A new study points to key differences in the way millennials and baby boomers prefer to interact, which could inform congress programmes.

Sarah Fleming on Work-Life Balance

If Sarah Fleming's company is any indication, flexible working hours is key to a happy workforce and a successful business.