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In Search of ‘That Magical ROI’

A new white paper offers real-life examples of how medical meeting organizers have demonstrated the value of participating in their event to exhibitors.

Navigating the Cognitive Era

Trendspotter As technology transforms the workplace, human needs and preferences come to forefront. Picture this: a workplace embedded with smart sensors and speech recognition software that can not only transcribe meeting notes but also schedule conference calls and take care of routine emails. This soon could be a typical scenario. The offices of the future

DEI Spotlight: More Businesses Are Investing in Digital

Statistics show that digital transformation is a top priority for the majority of business executives. As more leaders embrace a digital-first mindset, they’ll need event organizers who know how to navigate the world of live-streaming and on-demand video.

Fueling the Foundation: Celebrating Deborah Sexton’s Impact

The PCMA community is honoring former PCMA president and CEO Deborah Sexton’s 13 years of leadership with a new scholarship fund, a reception in Chicago, and an awards event in Las Vegas. Learn how you can be part of the action.

The Buzzwords You’d Be Wise to Avoid

You’re “a creative, strategic thinker who has demonstrated successful leadership skills in specialized, strategic project management.” But what does that actually mean?

Ambassador Advantage

Melbourne Convention Bureau chief Karen Bolinger relies on ‘rock stars’ to bring in the events that make a big impact.