‘This Industry Keeps Me Young!’

Anupa White shares a day in the life as director of UK event agency Principal. Global Events. White founded the company at the age of 25 — nearly 24 years ago — during which time the business and her role have evolved. Here, here Anupa explains how she stays on top.

How to Engage Millennial Attendees

A new study points to key differences in the way millennials and baby boomers prefer to interact, which could inform congress programmes.

People On The Move

Your colleagues are on the move. Find out who is going where.

A Surprise Approach to Networking

PCMA’s Convening Leaders used a Guinness World Record attempt to create a new way to bring attendees together to accomplish a goal.

How to Make Your Meeting Smartphone-Free

Some of the biggest names in entertainment are forcing fans to put away their phones. Can conference organizers deliver an experience without devices for their attendees?

DEI Spotlight: Ronda Keys, DES

Ronda Keys pursued the DES certification to gain a skill set needed by her (then) employer. Today, as the owner of her own events-management firm, she is putting that knowledge to good use for her clients.

Missing Baggage: Solved

Arrived at your destination and your baggage is nowhere to be found? Delta Airlines has a new app for that.