Feng Shui was developed centuries ago in China as a system of harmonizing the energy of a space and the people around it. Learn how to use principles from this ancient art at your event to achieve harmony while balancing 'yin' and 'yang' at your every event.

Learner Outcomes:

  • Explore basic feng shui principles to assess your event space
  • Learn easily implementable tricks to create balanced event spaces
  • Leverage feng shui elements to design aesthetically pleasing event spaces that increase 'positive energy'

Clock Hours: 0.66
Domain: Domain H: Site Management
Session Type: Open Space Learning

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Paul K. F. Sin

Mr. Paul K. F. Sin, holder of BEng (Hons) in Building Services Engineering and MSc in Facility Management from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, is a registered engineer in UK’s EC and also members of various professional engineering institutions from UK, USA, Australia and Hong Kong. Paul had served Hong Kong Government in Resettlement Department and Public Works Department then left and worked in private companies such as J. Roger Preston Partnership and Hutchison Boag Engineering Limited. His last job was with Shui On Land Development Limited as Senior Manager in Electrical & Mechanical Engineering. Paul retired in December 2009 after having served for Shui On Group for more than 22 years. In addition to his E&M engineering experience exceeding 40 years, Paul offered expertise Feng Shui consultancy advice to the whole Shui On Group’s projects in Hong Kong and all over China. At the same time Paul acted as amateur Feng Shui master to provide Feng Shui advice (such as master plan design, interior and exterior lauout/arrangement of buildings, ground breaking ceremony, auspicious date selection, naming for new companies and new born babies, sales launching etc) to other large organizations/companies/individuals in and out Mainland China (including Hong Kong Government’s Science and Technology Park in Tai Po, N.T.). Also Paul has conducted many Feng Shui seminars for large organizations/firms such as BOC, HSBC, Hang Seng Bank, Chartered Bank, DBS, UOB, Citic Ka Wah Bank, China Guangfa Bank, Chong Qing Municipal Government Cadet Officer Training Scheme, City University of Hong Kong, PI-UK China, AIIB, HKCCC, Shao Xing Chamber of Commerce, Finland Pavilion Opening week in 2010 EXPO…etc. In actual land development daily work, with his vast and mastery experiences, Paul integrates successfully Feng Shui with Architecture, Interior Design, and Building Services Engineering. The Feng Shui arrangement and settings for Shui On Group of Companies’ projects in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenyang, Dalian, Qing Tao, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Fushan, Guizhou, Chongqing and Chengdu are all designed and managed by Paul to achieve a good environmental, healthy and prosperous living/working/leisuring condition for owners, tenants and customers. After retirement in December 2009, Paul has continued to develop and promote the Chinese traditional ancient culture – Feng Shui by operating a firm named PSA Consultants (Shanghai) Limited. He is appointed as the in-house Feng Shui Master for the Shui On Group of Companies as well as the private Feng Shui Advisor to the Chairman Mr. Vincent H. S. Lo. Paul expects that throughout close encountering with customers or friends from different nations or districts of the world by means of open seminars/talks/knowledge exchange, the Chinese Geomancy Technology (Feng Shui culture) can be established and accepted as a special culture and spread famously internationally.

November 8 @ 10:20
10:20 — 11:00 (40′)

The Parisian Macao Learning Hub

Paul K. F. Sin