Learning Tour: Create Meaningful Connections with Data Storytelling

Join this forward-thinking, interactive tour to gain insights on how technology can enhance the customer experience. Immersed in a unique environment within 22@, Barcelona's innovation district, you'll experience first-hand how companies apply data storytelling to achieve a more significant impact and generate meaningful connections between information and people.

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Clock Hours: 2.50
Domain: Domain G: Meeting or Event Design
Session Type: Learning Tour

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Miquel Santasusana

Miquel is a Barcelona born Engineer; he holds a PhD in Engineering and is currently lecturing Mechanics at the Elisava School of Design and Engineering. He is also COO at Domestic Data Streamers (DDS), a company that empowers companies such as Nike, Beefeater or Western Digital and organisations such as Berkley, Qatar Foundation or UNICEF to use data at strategies, communication campaigns and to make a better world out of this one.

Miquel joined DDS three years ago and started working as a Project Manager with a special focus on event communication strategies for tech companies such as Western Digital, Telefónica, Cisco, SEAT, etc. Since 2019, he is the Operations Manager of DDS, working directly on the Domestic Data Streamers strategy. His current area of research is the integration of AI techniques in data-storytelling and experience design for events.

Bonny Shapira

Bonny is the Cisco Live Europe leader. He joined the Cisco Live team just after the conclusion of Cisco Live 2012, making the 2019 event his seventh Cisco Live. Bonny’s responsibilities lie in the overall vision, strategy and program management. It is his job to make it all happen and connect with Cisco’s overall vision and strategy. He is also responsible for the content program, leading a team of Cisco professionals responsible for the selection and creation of the educational sessions (breakouts, techtorials, panels, case studies).

Bonny is passionate about swimming, Spanish, Negronis and his wife and three kids.

Maria Ireland

Maria Ireland, Executive MBA’92 Oslo, worked in corporations for the last 30 years in Managerial positions and Executive boards, such as Armstrong Insulation, Volkswagen, ABB, PPG, Norsk Hydro, among others. Last year she embraced entrepreneurship and started her own consultancy firm with one Mission for my clients: Challenge status Quo, revisit the basics, learn from the past, and design the future. She also joined Valkiria Hubspace Spain an advanced developer of motivation, transformation and innovation programmes in companies, as a moderator and Innovation Business Developer.

September 23 @ 15:00
15:00 — 17:30 (2h 30′)

Valkiria Hub Space

Bonny Shapira, Maria Ireland, Miquel Santasusana