Design Thinking is a creative problem-solving methodology used by organizations and teams to develop innovative products, services, experiences, and systems. During this 3 ½-hour workshop, Scott Weiss and Allie Mahler of Community by Design will guide participants through the design thinking process, while exploring and activating the creatively confident behaviors that drive it forward. This session will be highly interactive, collaborative, and most of all, fun.  

Learner Outcomes:

  • Use a new set of innovative behaviors and tools on your current projects and event planning
  • Build empathy through specific interview techniques to identify opportunities for improvement
  • Generate "how might we" questions to explore innovative solutions

Clock Hours: 3

CMP-IS Domain: CMP Submission Pending

January 7 @ 13:30
13:30 — 16:30 (3h)

Allie Mahler, Scott Weiss