We often begin the event planning process without really challenging ourselves on the purpose of the event. Often it’s an annual event or part of a broader marketing campaign and we consider these sufficiently good reasons to organise it. Instead it is worth asking, why are we really doing this? What do we want the participants to leave with at the end of the event and what internal objectives do we need to fulfil to consider it a success? What are we really trying to solve by bringing people together? Join us at this session, as we dive into a case study from the Oil & Gas Industry. We will see how 'starting with why' has resulted in bringing together the right people and in advancing some of the world's most pressing climate-driven challenges.

Learner Outcomes:

  • Identify the benefits of a purpose-driven event 
  • Understand how to get to your event's purpose and create alignment among stakeholders
  • Using your event's purpose to shape overall event design and delivery

Clock Hours: 0.75
Domain: Domain G: Meeting or Event Design
Session Type: Concurrent Session

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Banu Kannu

Banu Kannu has been GM – Marketing at Wartsila Corporation since 2013, overseeing the global marketing strategy, planning and activation for Energy Management. Her role involves creative concept development and campaign plans around future fuels, alternative energy scenarios climate impact-minimising solutions. Part of this role saw her spear-heading the inaugural Gas Fest in 2017 (Amsterdam), and its follow-up in 2019 (Lisbon). Banu believes in ‘starting with why’ when it comes to event design and ending with vivid memories when it comes to event delivery.

November 8 @ 09:30
09:30 — 10:15 (45′)

The Parisian Macao Studio 1

Banu Kannu