20/20 Talks: How Smart Cities Create Smart Congresses

To improve the lives of their citizens and drive economic growth more cities are enhancing their infrastructure and services with technology and data. Improvements to transportation, energy, waste management, safety and increased connectivity are some benefits that will impact congress organisers and their delegates.

You'll hear about these game-changing enhancements and discuss how you can capitalize on the smart city movement to deliver a more seamless, socially conscious experience. 

Clock Hours: .75
Domain: Domain F: Stakeholder Management
Session Type: 20/20 Talks

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Mohamed Mezghani

Mohamed Mezghani is the Secretary General of the International Association of Public Transport (UITP) establishing offices for the Middle-East and North Africa in Dubai. With over 28 years in an international and multidisciplinary context, he has organized several events worldwide, including the UITP World Congress and Exhibition.

Moreover, Mezghani has managed and led numerous membership-related services including knowledge-related activities for UITP members: professional training, research projects, thematic studies, technical advice, conferences, networking activities, information centre and more.

Mohamed Mezghani earned his bachelor of science in industrial engineering and holds a masters in transport.

Patrizia Semprebene Buongiorno

Patrizia Semprebene Buongiorno has been the Managing Director of the Congress Division at AIM Group International for more than 15 years and is currently Vice-President of AIM Group International. She is speaker at major international Meeting Industry events and she teaches tourism management and marketing at several University Master’s Programmes (Rome, Milan, Glion). Patrizia also serves also co-Chair of INCON (Global Partnership also in Conferences and Events).

As a volunteer leader, Patrizia is Secretary General of FIMAC, the International Foundation Doctors for Central Africa, which is a non-profit organization that aims to improve the health conditions of people in Central Africa through cooperative humanitarian projects.

September 23 @ 11:40
11:40 — 12:20 (40′)

211-212, Barcelona International Convention Centre P2

Mohamed Mezghani, Patrizia Semprebene Buongiorno