This App Will Help You Never Be Late Again

Author: Barbara Palmer       


The Citymapper app delivers a range of options for your mode of transportation, from walking, to available subway routes, to buses, and even public bicycles.

Barbara Palmer, Senior Editor and Director of Digital Content, Convene

I live in Brooklyn and travel by subway much of the time, and Citymapper has saved me time along with any number of apologetic texts explaining why I am running late.

I can enter an address anywhere in New York City, along with my starting location, and Citymapper instantly delivers a range of options, from walking, to available subway routes, to buses, and even public bicycles, all accompanied by information about how long each will take.

The app also lists the time when the next train or bus is arriving, and will warn you about delays or disruptions in service. It will calculate how long it will take to get to the destination by cab, and it’s linked with Uber. I can be slow to update apps, but Citymapper is an exception, as it is adding new features and cities all the time.

As handy as it has proved at home, it’s even more useful when I travel and am unfamiliar with traffic patterns and transportation options. (I learned about the app from Margaret Victor, sales manager at New York City’s Jacob K. Javits Convention Center — she recommends Citymapper to her clients.)

The app started in London, and is now available for seven more major American cities and metropolitan areas — Chicago, Washington, D.C/Baltimore, Philadelphia, Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Seattle — and 30 international cities, including Paris, Sydney, Tokyo, Berlin, Madrid, Copenhagen, and Barcelona. If you don’t see your city, or the one where your next meeting is taking place, Citymapper can help there, too — the app solicits advice about which destinations it should add next.

Availability:  IOs, Adroid.

Cost: Free.


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