The Industry Pulse

Now more than ever, we can best see eye-to-eye when we meet face-to-face.

Our members bring together attendees in destinations around the world every day. Those attendees come together to learn from each other, to hear each other’s perspectives and to uncover new ideas.

The success of our industry relies on one key component: diversity.The new ideas that emerge from our breakout sessions and educational panels do not come from putting thousands of similar people with similar opinions in the same room.

New ideas are born when the voices of diverse perspectives, work experiences, life styles, cultures and beliefs are heard and respected. This represents the real spirit of the meetings and events industry; our experiences are built on including everyone.

Texas Bathroom Bill – Your Voice Matters

If you believe in inclusiveness and oppose discrimination we need your collective voice to persuade Gov. Abbot to veto Texas Senate Bill 3. Money talks in these scenarios, and so it is important for us to flex our industry economic muscle.

The New Travel Ban — What’s Different This Time?

If your organization is welcoming an expert from one of the areas included in President Trump’s new executive order, check out the free PCMA resource about virtual speakers at the end of this article.

Meetings Mean Business Toolkit

These resources and materials will ensure that as an industry we continue to speak united, as one voice.