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courtyard with a stage set up and lots of people

No Car, No Problem: Navigating Anaheim with Ease

Thanks to multiple airports, an extensive public transportation system, and plenty of rideshare options, Anaheim and Orange County are easy to get to and get around in for event-goers.

big screen at event with remote speakers on it

Adjusting Strategies to Changing Business Models

A European medical association has found that its pre-pandemic site-selection strategy, which prioritized a legacy engagement project, has not proven to be viable in the current environment.

woman on stage speaking

Focusing on Mission-Driven Work

Salesforce executive Tiffani Bova’s new book hones in on why giving employees a sense of purpose is critical to an organization’s success.

man holding phone with AI chatbot asking Can I Help You?

How 8 Event Marketers Are Using AI Now

From ChatGPT and DALL-E to Photoshop integrations, generative AI is everywhere — and a hot topic of discussion across marketing departments. Eight mdg specialists share how they are thinking about these tools and putting them to work.

man singing while another plays guitar

The Future of AI — and Our Jobs

Will business events strategists lose relevancy in the eyes of their clients or organizations due to the growing use of artificial intelligence? PCMA’s Catalyst Community recently debated the question.

man speaks on stage where panelists listen

How to Engage Next-Gen Members

Kenes Group’s Louise Gorringe opens the event-planning company’s idea book for helping association clients engage with their early-career members.

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