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‘It’s About Having Empathy All the Way Around’

In their new book, The Empathy Advantage: Leading the Empowered Workforce, future of work and technology strategists Heather E. McGowan and Chris Shipley argue that post-pandemic, the world’s workforce is empowered with agency and autonomy, and the old ways of managing people no longer apply.

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When Riskies Meet Swifties

RIMS RISKWORLD kicked off at the same time as Taylor Swift’s final night of her mega concert tour in Atlanta. Here’s how it went down.

A New Host City for Native Hawaiian Convention

The Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement is set to host its first conference in the continental U.S. in Las Vegas, which has the third-largest Native Hawaiian population in the country.

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What Makes Destinations Lovable?

During Resonance Consultancy’s digital WRLDCTY Summit 02 held in April, CEO Chris Fair spoke about how destinations can invest in making their cities a lot more attractive to both residents and visitors alike.

Douglas RUSHKOFF with robot

Is AI Putting Our Humanity at Risk?

As thousands of tech leaders urge a pause for the development of advanced artificial intelligence, we look back at an earlier call for prioritizing human connection.

Meeting for Cosmetic Reasons

The 76th Society of Cosmetic Chemists’ Annual Meeting & Showcase reunited members for networking plus a program designed around a ‘Future of Beauty’ theme.

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