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Next Group of Luminaries Leads the Way

PCMA is preparing to launch the second group of video interviews in its Ascent Luminaries series, which puts the spotlight on champions of diversity and inclusion.

Seven Telltale Signs That a Conference is a Scam

While the subjective nature of scientific quality makes it difficult to label a low-quality event predatory, there are some telltale warning signs. ICCA offers a guide to some of the most common characteristics.

‘A Watershed Moment for the Travel Industry’

“There is indisputable evidence of travelers’ preferences for destinations and travel companies that are committed to sustainability," said Laura Mandala, CEO of Mandala Research, and a former member of the U.S. Department of Commerce Travel and Tourism Advisory Board.

How to Attract Gen Z to Your Events

Event marketers have focused on how to engage millennials, but now Gen Z is entering the workforce. What are your best ways to get this new generation’s attention?


Going Local for F&B Breaks at Conferences

What's the best way to give attendees a taste of local cuisine while they’re attending sessions in a hotel or convention center? Here’s how one planner made the F&B breaks all about only-in-Portland treats, retailers, and surprise guests.

10 Trends in Experiential Events

Based on an industry-wide research study, Agency EA’s “2019 Experiential Marketing Trends Report” uncovered a number of emerging trends and traditional tactics that are being approached in new ways. Here are 10 trends in experiential events.

A Deep Dive Into Attendee Behavior

Digging for honest attendee feedback, PCMA Foundation and Steelcase went beyond surveys in a study that gauged attendee behavior at Convening Leaders 2019. The results — released at EduCon — hold valuable cues for all kinds of events.