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How Risk Averse Are Event Organizers?

One Convening Leaders 2020 session presenter conducted a little experiment among his audience to find how risk averse event organizers are. The results speak volumes about getting buy-in for your bold ideas.

food waste

What Meeting Planners Can Do to Reduce Food Waste

There are multiple ways event organizers can use their roles to lower food waste, from asking for low-waster food options to utilizing new technologies for calculating food usage to donating edible leftovers whenever possible.


Airbnb Is Heading to Antarctica with Sabbatical Program

No one is renting out their home — the company is inviting volunteers to spend some time at the South Pole, as part of its Sabbatical program, aimed at travel to ‘do good.’ The initiative, however, has raised a few eyebrows.

Milano Convention Centre

Nudging Healthy Behavior on Site

It took the Milano Convention Centre 18 months to earn Gold Level Healthy Venue status from the World Obesity Federation. Here’s how they did it — and how they help event organizers encourage attendees to make smart choices.

women and automation

Will Automation Put Women Out of Work?

Experts say the gender issues that traditionally have impacted women more than their male counterparts could create even bigger barriers for them as all workers face changes in technology and automation.