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food recovery

Food Recovery Efforts Are Always on the Menu

Venues and food-service businesses don’t just think about food recovery efforts in a time of crisis. But here are standout examples of how some are helping others during the COVID-19 pandemic.

vertical farms

Event Venues Going Upscale with Vertical Farms

As the planet’s population grows and its farmlands shrink, indoor vertical farms are rising up to help meet the need for sustainable, fresh food production — and some event venues are leading the way.

Palm Beaches

Discovering the Palm Beaches

Southeast Florida’s collection of several dozen communities offers a singularly memorable experience for groups.

San Francisco dining

San Francisco Foodie Scene Reaches the Stars

Convening Leaders 2020 attendees — and other San Francisco visitors — have plenty of special dining experiences to explore: The Bay Area claims the highest number of Michelin three-star-rated restaurants in the country.


Airbnb Is Heading to Antarctica with Sabbatical Program

No one is renting out their home — the company is inviting volunteers to spend some time at the South Pole, as part of its Sabbatical program, aimed at travel to ‘do good.’ The initiative, however, has raised a few eyebrows.

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