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plant based food

Plant-Based Event Menus on the Rise

Whether consumers are cutting back on — or giving up — eating meat for ethical, environmental, or health reasons, it’s a trend dominating headlines. Here’s how one convention center chef handles requests for plant-based, creative F&B — including what she prepared for a totally plant-based meal for 1,000 at a nutritional conference.

Mood-Food Trend

In the Mood

A Dallas hotel’s pairing of drinks and dishes on a Mood Menu provides some bold — and mellow and cheerful — ideas for events.

2014 TED Vancouver

Keeping Pace in Vancouver

Vancouver seems to be a magnet for those who think a little bigger, and take a few more chances, says a Convene writer after her recent trip sponsored by Tourism Vancouver.

best cities

Which City is ‘Best’ in U.S.?

New York hangs on to the top spot on the latest report from Resonance. Here’s why — and what the report can tell us about the best cities for meetings and events.

sharing plates

Ditch the Buffet for Family-Style Event Meals

New research indicates that sharing plates leads to better negotiations and improved teamwork. Here’s how changing up your meal format could result in better outcomes at workshops and team-building activities.

beverage service

3 Ways to Speed Up Your Event Beverage Service

Seattle-based chef, mixologist, and entrepreneur Kathy Casey said efficiency at bars is key to providing guests with a better overall experience at your next reception or meal event.

Bourbon Orleans

Past Touches Bourbon Orleans Hotel in Spirited Ways

While the Bourbon Orleans Hotel’s Bourbon “O” Bar serves drinks of all sorts, the hotel is known for other kind of spirits — thanks to its past lives. Here’s a look back at the history of this opulent meeting venue in the heart of the French Quarter.