DES Spotlight: Elyse Dawson, Manager, Corporate Events and Conference Center, Invesco

Whether you were ready for it or not, the switch to digital has begun. Events, meetings, school, doctors' appointments — all digital. This begs the question, why aren’t you? We have seen time and time again, industries going the way of the buggy whip, why not take this moment and futureproof your skill set with the Digital Event Strategist course?

DES Spotlight: Nordiana Sani, Senior Account Director, Chab Events, Singapore

Nordiana Sani, senior account director of Chab Events in Singapore, believes it’s truly important that we embrace digitalization and continue to orchestrate human connections in the COVID-19 era. In pursuit of structured learning content covering the fundamentals of digital/hybrid events, she turned to the Digital Event Strategist (DES) course.

DES Spotlight: Melissa Patruno, Executive Producer at Bishop-McCann

With a vision and passion to embrace digital experience, Melissa Patruno became certified as a Digital Event Strategist in August. Upon completing the certification course, Patruno immediately implemented what she learned and produced a successful digital event. Hear Melissa on what she loved about the program.

DES Spotlight: Shira Gordon, Office Administrator of the PIPSC IPFPC

Eager to be equipped with knowledge and skills to produce virtual events for her organization, Shira Gordon became certified as a Digital Event Strategist (DES) with full support from her employer, the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada (PIPSC). We recently checked in with Shira to hear how she’s been crafting engaging digital experiences with key learnings from the DES course, and her tips on getting employer buy-in on professional development.

DES Spotlight Series Berenice

DES Spotlight: Berenice Lai, Global Events Manager at SurveyMonkey 

A lifelong learner, Berenice Lai decided to pursue Digital Event Strategist (DES) certification since COVID-19 forced her and her organization pivot to virtual in March 2020. We checked in with her to see how she’s applying key learnings from the DES course in producing successful virtual events for her organization.