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The Simple Trick You Should Start Using Every Time You Speak

Whether you’re talking to your peers or presenting to a packed room, scientific studies show that you should harness the power of pauses. “So, what you see here is, um, well, um, it’s our revenue projection.” “You know, there are opportunities to, you know, do even, um, more for our attendees.” “Have you ever thought

People on the Move

Your colleagues are on the move, find out who is going where. PCMA People on the Move - Aug 14 2018

DEI Spotlight: Translating the Binge-Watching Movement to the Event Space

As more people watch endless hours of their favorite Netflix, Hulu, and HBO programs, one event professional is aiming to capitalize on that insatiable appetite for content. Learn how Jenna Baker wants to put her new DES certification to work in her role at BCD Meetings & Events. BCD Meetings & Events in New York

This New Health-Care Summit Aims to Join the Ranks of CES and SXSW

Photo by Krivit Photography, Courtesy of Meet Minneapolis Health care is changing rapidly, but health-care conferences, for the most part, have stayed the same. The former CMO of General Mills is working to change that. If you were to press rewind to 2016 to hear Mark Addicks discuss his future plans, you wouldn’t hear the

Webinar: Scheduling Site Visits That Are Worth the Trip

For some a necessary evil, for others an adventure; site inspections are an essential component of strategic planning. Learn how to defend the importance of live site visits when told online research is sufficient, how to effectively plan them and three things to do that you’re probably overlooking.

In Search of ‘That Magical ROI’

A new white paper offers real-life examples of how medical meeting organizers have demonstrated the value of participating in their event to exhibitors.

People on the Move

Your colleagues are on the move, find out who is going where. PCMA People on the Move - Aug 14 2018

Navigating the Cognitive Era

Trendspotter As technology transforms the workplace, human needs and preferences come to forefront. Picture this: a workplace embedded with smart sensors and speech recognition software that can not only transcribe meeting notes but also schedule conference calls and take care of routine emails. This soon could be a typical scenario. The offices of the future

DEI Spotlight: More Businesses Are Investing in Digital

Statistics show that digital transformation is a top priority for the majority of business executives. As more leaders embrace a digital-first mindset, they’ll need event organizers who know how to navigate the world of live-streaming and on-demand video.