When you’re traveling for business, a conference or meetings, it’s important to find time away to relax. Here are some suggestions for entertainment, dining, drinking, socializing — just having a good time.

Hudson Yards Has it All: Shopping, Dining, Eating — and Events

New York City’s newest neighborhood just made its debut within steps of the Javits Center.

BY Barbara Palmer March 22, 2019

Around the World (of Calgary) in 3 Hours

They say no visit to Calgary is complete without a taste of Alberta beef. But you’ll also want to try other culinary treasures by taking a local food tour.

BY Cristi Kempf March 20, 2019

Tokyo Named Top ‘Bleisure’ Destination in Asia

The Japanese capital beat Singapore, Hong Kong, and Sydney in first-ever ‘Bleisure Barometer’ study by The Economist Intelligence Unit.

March 12, 2019

Public Art: 4 Destinations That Paint the Town

Increasingly, cities are offering their buildings and walls as blank canvases to local artists, who are capturing the heritage, culture, and vibe of destinations in larger-than-life ways.

BY David McMillin March 9, 2019

‘One of the Worst Properties on the Planet’ Is Now a Must-Visit Hotel

When SCP Hotels took over a derelict property, the new brand set about transforming it into one of the hottest new hotels to see this year. Here’s how it sets itself apart.

BY David McMillin March 4, 2019

At Doughnut Vault, heaven has a hole in it

Visiting Chicago and your continental breakfast isn’t cutting it? Run, don’t walk, to the Doughnut Vault for one of their divine, old-fashioned-style donuts. It’s one of our best bites.

BY Curt Wagner February 22, 2019

This Hotel Room Can Be Free — If You Don’t Look at Social Media

The “Check Out Suite” will reward guests who want to share more time with their families and less time on sharing status updates.

BY David McMillin February 4, 2019

Time for a Wake-Up Call for Airbnb’s Business Model

As Airbnb eyes opportunities to attract more event attendees and other business travelers, roadblocks loom on the horizon.

BY David McMillin February 1, 2019

Can the Wellness Movement Make Room for Booze, Too?

W Hotels thinks so. The lifestyle brand is booking its own series of multi-day events that combine workout classes with cocktails.

BY David McMillin January 29, 2019

Sweet Things San Diego: Come for Yogurt, Stay for Hugs

Frozen yogurt joints come a dime a dozen, but there’s something undeniably irresistible about Sweet Things Frozen Yogurt in San Diego.

BY Curt Wagner January 29, 2019

Florida Shows Off Everything Under the Sun

When VISIT FLORIDA hosted Convene on a press trip in early December, the Sunshine State gave us a tour to remember.

BY David McMillin January 17, 2019