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Webinar: Menu Mastery – Key Ingredients for Five Star F&B

If you think you’ve heard it all when it comes to menus, you’re about to be pleasantly surprised. Give us an hour and take away valuable insight into high level menu planning.

September 29, 2016

Managing Bandwidth Needs

How do you calculate bandwidth requirements before selecting a venue? Experts John Rissi and Michael Owen share how.

BY Michael Owen John Rissi September 1, 2016

Social Experiential Branding

Learn why Johnny Earle allocates the majority of his advertising budget into creating unique social experiences.

BY Johnny Earle August 1, 2016

Meeting Technology

Corbin Ball discusses the latest event tech trends including wearables, location-based analytics, mobile event apps, personalized content and VR site visits.

BY Corbin Ball July 1, 2016

Webinar: Master the Art of Menus and F&B Spending

Food and beverage plans are as varied and changing as the people who we feed. How can you accommodate a myriad of dietary preferences and restrictions, stay on budget, and keep up with the latest trends? Participate in this hour long Master Class to find out.

June 22, 2016

Sponsorship Marketing

Meg Fasy and Katie Quigley share best practices to ensure your sponsorships are successful.

BY Meg Fasy Kati Quigley June 1, 2016

Designing for Disruption

Dr. Kaihan Krippendorf on how to communicate, plan and unlock the latest strategies in design thinking.

BY Kaihan Krippendorff May 1, 2016

Advocacy Update

Learn how to promote the value of the meetings industry, from perfecting your job description to explaining the value of the travel economy to friends and family.

BY Chandra Allison Rob Scypinski Trina Camacho-London April 1, 2016

Events Sustainability as a Business Strategy

Marge Anderson, Executive Vice President, Seventhwave discusses the impact of sustainability on the environment, attendees and wellness.

BY Marge Anderson March 1, 2016

Leading Meeting Change with Adventure & Technology

John Chen, CEO and ‘Big Kid’ of Geoteaming shares how you can leverage technology for your next team building event.

BY John Chen February 1, 2016

Technology for Event Analytics

Joe Colangelo, founder and CEO of Bear Analytics talks about data and its impact on the event industry.

BY Joe Colangelo January 1, 2016