Using Data to Improve Your Event-Marketing Strategy

Three meeting and association professionals share insights on how and what data to collect and how to use it.

January 3, 2017

Multi-Hub Meetings Combine Convenience of Digital, Camaraderie of Face-to-Face

An emerging model combines the convenience of digital with the camaraderie of face-to-face.

BY David McMillin January 3, 2017

How to Put Remote Attendees in ‘Middle of the Action’

Jennifer Kingen Kush, DES, explains how the Digital Experience Institute creates engagement for online attendees at Convening Leaders LIVE.

BY Convene Editors January 3, 2017

How the International Baking Industry Expo Keeps from Getting Stale

For coal miners, it was a canary that warned of trouble. For the International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE), it was the Twinkie. When Hostess, the venerable snack food’s parent company, declared

BY Christopher Durso January 3, 2017

A Hacker Walks Into a Beehive

Could the Internet of Things help solve the global decline in bee populations? A CiscoDevNet hackathon sets out to show that it can.

BY Corin Hirsch January 3, 2017

How Future of Storytelling Can Change Ways We Meet

New York City’s Future of StoryTelling Summit explores how cutting-edge technology puts audiences at the center of the action. And asks the question: Isn’t that where meeting participants belong, too?

BY Barbara Palmer January 3, 2017

Case Study Spotlight: Managing Risk

Learn the importance of looking at every venue with fresh eyes and don’t trust that one plan will work in every venue.

BY Marco Bakker Pierre-Henri Guignard January 1, 2017

Using Data To Power Real-Time Meeting Design Innovation

As conference organizers collect data on attendee behaviors and preferences, they can use all that intelligence to make decisions that drive engagement. Learn how PCMA and Freeman work together to leverage the power of data at Convening Leaders.

BY David McMillin December 29, 2016

Webinar: Music Licensing for Meetings & Events – Are You Playing Their Song?

Music is like all personal property – when you want to borrow it from someone you must ask permission. All public performances, even most non-profit ones, must be licensed.

BY Michael Owen December 7, 2016

Production & Using a Producer

Keep your presentation designs simple, and your presenters complex, according to Mike Watt and Maureen Goodson.

BY Mike Watt Maureen Goodson December 1, 2016

Where Kellie Shevlin Got the Inspiration for Craft Beverage Expo

Kellie Shevlin, CEM, co-founder and executive director of the Craft Beverage Expo, Washington, D.C., talks about her career path and gives young professionals in the business events industry some advice:

BY Corin Hirsch November 30, 2016

Webinar: Getting What You Deserve

Learn how to successfully negotiate your next pay raise by using Convene’s Annual Salary Survey results and tips from negotiation experts featured in Convene.

BY Michelle Russell November 30, 2016