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5 Things Virtual Event Producers Can Learn From Jimmy Fallon

Convene watched “The Tonight Show: At Home Edition” for takeaways on how event producers can engage attendees at virtual events.

BY Barbara Palmer April 8, 2020

New Research on COVID-19’s Impact on Associations Points to the Way Forward

Association Laboratory’s survey of more than 1,000 association executives suggests that a new business model will emerge in which face-to-face events will no longer serve as an association’s largest revenue source.

BY Paul Bergeron April 8, 2020

Good News for Frequent Flyers as Airlines Extend Status Perks

Many carriers are making sure frequent travelers don’t lose elite status while staying on the ground during the COVID-19 crisis.

BY David McMillin April 7, 2020

COVID-19 Crisis: A Good Time for Questions

During a period of uncertainty, it’s helpful to ask exploratory questions. Instead of, Why is this happening to me?, a more useful question is, How should I be adapting to it?

BY Michelle Russell April 7, 2020

How to Manage Social Distancing at Future Events

What would a ‘responsible social-distancing room setup’ look like? Members of PCMA’s Catalyst community weigh in on the question.

BY Convene Editors April 7, 2020

COVID-19 Impact on Events Research: Top-line Results for Suppliers

A majority of suppliers report adverse effects on their employment, but some are optimistic about events picking up again this summer. More expect uncertainty to continue for six months, with recovery beginning in September.

BY Michelle Russell April 7, 2020

COVID-19 Impact on Events Research: Top-line Results for Planners

Nearly 90 percent of planners have canceled or postponed an event, and seven out of 10 have moved an event online because of the pandemic. Here’s what planners are thinking about what comes next and what to do now.

BY Michelle Russell April 7, 2020

Top Takeaways From Global Virtual Events Day

During a full day of eight online sessions aimed at helping organizers make the shift to virtual events, PSAV offered tips, tools, and tactics. Convene editors listened in and share their takeaways.

BY Convene Editors April 6, 2020

Scientific Meetings That Aren’t Afraid to Experiment

It used to be that scientific and medical conferences were highly formulaic, but planners are testing innovative session formats, presentation materials, and registration pricing, to name just a few elements.

BY David McMillin April 6, 2020

How a Dairy Producers Conference Doubled Its Reach With Virtual

Forced to alter its live meeting because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin “ripped the Band-Aid off” and put on a successful virtual event in less than a week.

BY Barbara Palmer April 3, 2020

Marriott Launches Community Caregiver Program

Marriott International is giving back to first responders and health-care professionals aiding in the COVID-19 crisis across North America, the Caribbean, and Latin America through its new Community Caregiver Program.

BY Casey Gale April 2, 2020

Whitney Johnson: Personal Disruption is Crucial for Growth

Author and consultant Whitney Johnson shares how, when ‘you learn, you leap, and you repeat,’ you will help drive innovation.

BY Cristi Kempf April 1, 2020

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