Breaking Down Bandwidth: 4 Things You Need to Know

A guide to understanding what it is, where it comes from, and why it’s so important.

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The 3 Habits of Highly Productive People

Chris Bailey spent a year studying the shortest routes to enhancing productivity and offers the three most effective strategies.

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5 Ways You Block Collaboration

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The Five C’s of Working with Millennials

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3 Ways to Handle Difficult Employees

Everyone has dealt with a difficult colleague at one point or another. How can you productively work alongside them?

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The 90-Minute Rule for Peak Performance

‘Great performers characteristically focus for periods of no longer than 90 minutes, and then take breaks to rest, renew, and refuel,’ according to Betsy Harbison, The Energy Project’s director of marketing.

BY Convene Editors July 31, 2017

Yes, and…

Why improvisation offers a fail-safe way to create better collaborations.

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Hug Your Haters, and Other Digital Ways to Grow Attendance

Ten things to keep in mind in your efforts to attract participants to your events.

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What’s on Your Failure Resume?

The longer it is the better, says a Stanford business school lecturer on organizational behavior.

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How Two Meeting Professionals Find Balance

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How to Overcome Failure, Rejection, and Embarrassment In Business

Five ways you can come out ahead — even after you’ve fallen on your face.

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A Better Way to Work

Initiatives that improve employee wellbeing are growing — and are among the reasons that London & Partners is ranked in the top 50 not-for-profit places to work in the U.K.

BY Casey Gale May 31, 2017