Digital Experience Institute

Hotelier Uses Digital Communication to Create Human Connection

A boutique hotel brand is creating a virtual lobby experience in the hopes of getting more people to look up from their screens and converse in the physical space.

BY David McMillin October 31, 2018

Learning About Digital Events at a F2F Event in Calgary

PCMA continues to empower event strategists with the tools necessary to execute digital and hybrid events. Case in point: the inaugural edition of the DES Boot Camp — an in-person event — held in July in Calgary.

BY David McMillin October 25, 2018

F&B With a Side of VR

A recent study conducted at Cornell University revealed that virtual-reality environments have an effect on the way that we experience and consume food. Will the immersive digital world land on a convention menu?

BY David McMillin October 19, 2018

Is Telepresence Coming to a Screen Near You?

The next chapter of digital events will include speakers who are streamed as holograms. Learn about Vimeo’s new feature that will make the sci-fi-sounding world of 3D holograms a reality.

BY David McMillin October 12, 2018

An Audio-Only Approach to Digital Engagement

Reaching an audience doesn’t have to require being on camera. Twitter is launching a new live-streaming feature for your ears only.

BY David McMillin September 17, 2018

DEI Spotlight: Using Anticipatory Intelligence to Create a Competitive Edge

After earning her DES certification, PSAV’s Julie Power D’Eon looks forward to leveraging les-sons in digital engagement to spark innovation and stay ahead of an always-evolving industry.

BY Curtis Wagner June 22, 2018

DEI Spotlight: Using Digital Strategies to Drive Results for Small Businesses

As the DES acronym appears in more places around the world, the program’s second graduate from Italy shares her hopes for leveraging digital technologies to uncover big opportunities for small businesses.

BY David McMillin June 8, 2018

This Event Emcee Is a Student of Digital Engagement

As more event organizers aim to reach more at-home viewers, one master of ceremonies recognizes that she must also be a master of live-streaming.

BY Curtis Wagner June 1, 2018

DEI Tech Spotlight: Making Better Decisions With Better Data Management

As event organizers deal with a massive mountain of information, Cendyn aims to help them climb to the top for a better view of all that data.

BY David McMillin May 28, 2018

DEI Tech Spotlight: Launching an Association Broadcast Network

As HIMSS geared up to welcome attendees to its annual conference earlier this year, the organization also unveiled a new tool for staying on top of healthcare IT trends: a full TV-inspired experience.

BY David McMillin May 18, 2018

DEI Tech Spotlight: Hearing Each Attendee’s Voice

Evenium’s ConnexMe is meant to be more than a mobile app. It’s built to give every attendee a chance to be heard.

May 10, 2018

DEI Tech Spotlight: Turning Live-Streaming Into Serious Revenue

Partnership disclosure: Digitell participated in the Tech Spotlights series at PCMA’s Convening Leaders 2018, a paid sponsorship opportunity. The company has worked with a wide range of event partners including PCMA, Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), and the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA). Live-streaming an event can prove to be a valuable tool for connecting with new

BY David McMillin May 7, 2018