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What will it take for you to create career that you want? Here are ways to develop leadership and cultivate other essential skills, plus hacks that can make a big impact on anyone's day-to-day work. And we look at ethics — how do your colleagues draw the line on everything from freebies to food waste?

Behind the Scenes: Guiding Principals

Why we call PCMA’s annual Meeting ‘Convening Leaders’

BY Michelle Russell February 1, 2017

Dorri McWhorter on Breaking out of the Bubble

Ascent is a new initiative by PCMA and Convene, to inspire and spur inclusion and diversity in our industry. Ascent also seeks to reach decision makers and workplace leaders, to educate them on the best practices and the business case for inclusion and diversity. At Convening Leaders 2018, Ascent invited Dorri McWhorter, CEO of the
BY Convene Editors February 1, 2017

Small Cities With Great Taste

Food halls. Distillery trails. Michelin-starred chefs. The story of how smaller cities are using great food and drink to attract business events.

BY Corin Hirsch February 1, 2017

How Meetings Can Bridge the Divide

We need a new set of arguments to reach across the political divide. Can meetings provide a neutral common ground to bring people together?

BY Michelle Russell January 31, 2017

3 Tips to Jump-Start Your Meeting’s Next Redesign

Hitting the ‘refresh’ button isn’t always easy. Stacey Chang, executive director of the Design Institute for Health at the University of Texas at Austin, has some concrete advice for getting started.

BY Corin Hirsch January 24, 2017

What Works for Online Learners

Participants may want more control over their face-to-face conference learning experience, but research indicates that it’s not a great design practice when it comes to online learning. Here’s what works better.

BY Michelle Russell January 24, 2017

How Isaac Lidsky Sees Things Differently

For entrepreneur and speaker Isaac Lidsky, the loss of his sight helped him understand how we use our minds to shape our reality.

BY Michelle Russell January 18, 2017

Look Who’s Talking at Convening Leaders 2017

Here’s a preview of some of the featured speakers who will be sharing information, insights, and inspiration at PCMA’s annual meeting in Austin on Jan. 8–11.

BY Christopher Durso January 3, 2017

Predicting 2017

Here is what you need to know to success in this year’s ‘customer-led, digital-centric’ market.

BY Deborah Sexton January 3, 2017

What Will the Trump Administration Mean for Meetings?

Convene talked to two industry veterans about what the incoming administration might mean for meetings and events — and got two different views.

BY Christopher Durso January 3, 2017

Renee McKenney on Visitor Experience

How you treat people is what they will remember, says Renee McKenney, Chief Experience Officer for VisitDallas.

BY Christopher Durso January 3, 2017

A Hacker Walks Into a Beehive

Could the Internet of Things help solve the global decline in bee populations? A CiscoDevNet hackathon sets out to show that it can.

BY Corin Hirsch January 3, 2017