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Home Sweet Airbnb: Company Takes Experiential Travel to New Level

With Airbnb’s Trips — an innovation that its PR team has dubbed “the biggest news in Airbnb history” — the company offers travelers opportunities to explore the hidden side of destinations.

BY David McMillin January 5, 2017

Exploring Providence, Rhode Island

Elegant Providence, once fallen on hard times, has been reborn.

BY Corin Hirsch January 3, 2017

Little Rock, Big Ambition

Meet in beautifully preserved — and updated — historic structures in this gracious city, where hospitality and good eating are a way of life.

BY Christopher Durso January 3, 2017

Breakout Room of One’s Own: Medical, Scientific Groups Creating Meeting Spaces

Medical and scientific organizations are creating their own purpose-built conference facilities — both to host their own programs and generate revenue from other groups.

January 3, 2017

Ballroom in Costa Rica Moonlights as Rainforest

Even the items on the buffet take their cue from a local tropical rainforest.

BY Convene Editors January 3, 2017

How the International Baking Industry Expo Keeps from Getting Stale

For coal miners, it was a canary that warned of trouble. For the International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE), it was the Twinkie. When Hostess, the venerable snack food’s parent company, declared bankruptcy five years ago, it was an indicator of larger forces at work, nibbling away at the triennial wholesale-baking show’s attendee and exhibitor bases. In

BY Christopher Durso January 3, 2017

How Do You Handle Special-Meal Requests?

With a growing number of special-meal requests, meeting planners are getting creative to accommodate the needs and preferences of attendees with food allergies or lifestyle and religious dietary restrictions.

BY Corin Hirsch August 31, 2016

‘Your Reservation May Be in Jeopardy’

How one housing-pirate company is duping registrants out of their hotel rooms — as well as hundreds of thousands of dollars — by using fake websites.

BY Michelle Russell July 26, 2016

Poachers: Putting the ‘Arrr!’ in Room Block

When Lisa Mikita, CMP, CAE, started her new job at the American Foundry Society (AFS) this past fall, she had a new office, a new title — trade show and event manager — and new meetings to promote, including CastExpo ’16, AFS’s annual metal-casting exhibition. One aspect of Mikita’s work didn’t change, though. Almost from

BY Corin Hirsch December 31, 2015

How to Protect Your Room Block from Pirates

Pirates, poachers, room block bullies. These companies may be called different names, but every planner can agree that they represent big problems.

October 28, 2013