Call for Nominations Page

Nominate someone to join the 2019 PCMA Board of Directors

Open Positions:

  • Chair-Elect, 1 position available, 1 year term
  • Secretary Treasurer, 1 position available, 1 year term
  • Professional Director, 3 positions available, 3 year term
  • Supplier Director, 2 positions available, 3 year term

2018 PCMA Board of Directors Eligibility

New Officers and Directors will assume office on the first day immediately following PCMA’s 2019 annual meeting, Convening Leaders.

The deadline to submit nominations for the Board is Friday, June 15, 2018. For more information, contact Erin Shamus at or 312.423.7264


Qualifications of Officers and Directors:

  • Nominees must be a professional or supplier partner member of PCMA for a minimum of three (3) years
  • For an officer position, nominees must be a professional member who has previously served on the PCMA board of Directors
  • Nominees must have significant leadership experience within the industry or related organizations
  • Nominees must have:
    • An understanding of the Bylaws, current Strategic Plan, association governance
    • Commitment to the organization and its mission
    • Knowledge about the programs and goals of the organization
    • Capacity to focus that knowledge on decision making that benefits the organization as a whole
    • Ability and eagerness to deal with values, vision and the long-term future of the organizations
    • Ability to participate assertively in deliberation
    • Excellent communication skills with an appreciation for diversity


Serves as an officer, member of the Executive Committee and member of the Board, and shall have such other powers and duties as the Chair of the Board or the Board may assign. The Chair-Elect determines committee assignments, as provided in the bylaws. The Chair-Elect also serves as Board liaison to the Convening Leaders Content Committee and visits PCMA Chapters in preparation for his/her term as Chair. In the absence of the Chair of the Board at a meeting, the Chair-Elect shall serve as the presiding officer. Candidates for the position of Chair-Elect must be professional or supplier members of PCMA who have held a position as a Director.


Serves as an officer, member of the Executive Committee and member of the Board and shall have charge of and oversight responsibility for the funds and securities of the Association. All financial decisions shall be in accordance with the instructions and directions of the Board and comply with all appropriate legal requirements. Candidates for the position of Secretary-Treasurer must be professional or supplier members of PCMA and must have served as a Director.


The Board of Directors is the principal governing body of the Association and shall exercise full supervision and control over all its business affairs. Candidates for a position of Directors must be professional or supplier members of PCMA for at least three consecutive years.

PCMA has established the following timeline for the nominations process. Dates listed below are for the 2018 Calendar year:

May 16Call for Nominations materials are provided to the membership with a deadline for submissions of close of business, Friday, June 15
May 16 – June 15Nominations are reviewed by PCMA staff. Individuals who meet the eligibility requirements are provided with an online link to the written application, reference form and the guide for nominees.
June 15Deadline to submit nominations
June 22Deadline for nominees to submit applications and supporting information
July 16 – August 10Telephone interviews are conducted with qualified candidates by members of the PCMA Nominating Committee
Week of August 13The Nominating Committee meets in person to review candidate application materials, results of phone interviews and reference letters. After careful deliberation, the committee selects candidates for the slate of officers and directors and reports to the President and CEO no later than September 1
By Sept. 30President and CEO notifies the membership of the proposed slate of officers and directors no later than October 1
By Nov. 1Additional nominations for officer or director positions may be made by written petition signed by five percent (5%) of the membership. Such petitions must be received by the President and CEO no later than close of business November 1.

The slate proposed by the Nominating Committee shall be deemed elected if there are no petition nominations received by the President and CEO by close of business November 1.

The Board of Directors:

  • is the principal governing body of PCMA
  • provides oversight for the business affairs of PCMA and reviews and approves all of PCMA’s financial matters
  • works with the President and CEO, who is responsible for the execution of programs approved by the Board
  • is responsible for setting the direction for the organization and establishing policies to guide this direction
  • establishes and monitors the progress of PCMA’s plans for the future, including monitoring, updating and evaluating the implementation of strategic plans
  • continuously seeks to identify future leaders of PCMA
  • values and promotes consensus, cooperation and participation among all members and as individuals, should not represent any particular segment or constituency group of the membership, representing instead the interests of the entire association

If you agree to be considered as a nominee for an officer or director position with PCMA, you should be aware of the following criteria:

  • One year term of service for Officers; Three year term of service for Directors
  • Attendance at four (4) official board meetings that take place each year
    • January in conjunction with Convening Leaders
    • March/April (standalone and joint meeting with PCMA Partners)
    • June in conjunction with Education Conference
    • September (standalone and joint meeting with Trustees)
  • Officers must participate in scheduled Executive Committee conference calls (one per month)
  • New board members must participate in the Board orientation prior to the start of Convening Leaders in Pittsburgh, PA
  • Directors are assigned to serve as a liaison to one of the PCMA Chapters with the expectation that they will attend at least one chapter event per year in addition to regularly communicating with the Chapter President.
  • Directors are assigned as a liaison to one of PCMA’s committees or task forces with the expectation that they will participate in regular committee conference calls and activity in addition to regular communication with the committee/task force chair.
  • Officers and Directors are expected to assume personal responsibility for expenses related to board and other meetings; limited funding for airfare and lodging is available, if requested.