Chicago Off the Clock

The readers of Condé Nast Traveler must be on to something. For the second year in a row, Chicago has been named "Best Big City in the U.S." and it’s easy to see why. Home to the most breweries in the country, a Michelin-approved restaurant scene, cutting-edge museums and performance venues, Chicago is the perfect host city for when you want to keep attendees engaged both on and off the clock.

Hard Data on What’s Happening With Room Bookings

It is widely understood that a percentage of attendees at conventions don’t reserve hotel rooms within the room block. Consequently, it’s challenging to accurately quantify the true impact of convention/group business, attendee buying trends and guest experiences, booking through housing companies, room block incentives, third-party partnerships and shared marketing initiatives.

Theme Building: Not What You’re Thinking

Creating a meaningful theme, one that binds the elements of an event together consistently, is often substituted with a tagline that has little to do with the purpose, objectives and structure of the event. During this session you’ll be introduced to a model and methodology for theming events from the bottom up to help create a cohesive, powerful meeting experience. In fact, when your theme is done well, you may not even need that pesky tagline.

High Performance Habits of Magnetic Human Beings

What makes someone magnetic enough to attract, influence, and lead other people? Charisma is not born, it’s built. How people see us depends on the way we treat them. Therefore, our habits determine who we are and how effective we are in life and at work.

How to Design Events Worth Binge-Watching

In this TV binge era, it’s not hard to imagine providing an abundance of content from your annual events that your followers could devour in one sitting, one “episode” after another. This session will explore how you can strategically bundle the content you already own into a binge-worthy block your audiences can consume at their own pace.

Adult Learning Research: Promoting Innovative Session Formats

No two people retain information in the same way, which presents a challenge for event strategists and speakers alike. How do we provide education in a format that engages and enlightens all adult learners? This session will take a closer look at how key adult learning principles can assist in developing modern session formats that lead to diverse learning environments.

Thought Leadership Conversation: Creating Opportunities for Inclusive Cultures

When it comes to diversity and inclusion, we all have a seat at the table to make a difference in creating inclusive cultures that empower everyone. Join us for this dynamic roundtable conversation where inclusion strategists from various perspectives explore key issues, challenges, and opportunities to advance our organizations and the business events industry.

Finding Solutions to Social Justice Issues from Human Trafficking to Homelessnes

As an industry we can come together to make a difference on social justice issues — it's simply a matter of awareness. We'll kick off the session by taking an in-depth look at the human trafficking epidemic, discussing the warning signs that someone is being held against their will and what to do if you see a suspicious situation. Then we'll shift gears to discuss the homelessness issue that often affects where we plan our events and the experiences our participants have while attending events. Learn what solutions event organizers at a hackathon in Glasgow developed, and how we can begin helping cities solve for the homelessness epidemic.

Improve Your Results with Radical New Strategy

It takes a radical new approach, and a certain amount of risk, to stand out from the crowd. In this session, we’ll examine companies that are doing things differently and explore common elements you can employ to do the same for better business outcomes. With smart strategy, radical innovation can give you the competitive edge you need.

Improve Business Results with Diversity and Inclusion

Strong evidence has proven diverse teams outperform homogeneous ones. Inclusive teams are 2 times as likely to meet or exceed financial goals, 3 times as likely to be high-performing, 6 times more likely to be innovative and 8 times more likely to achieve better business outcomes.* During this session, participants will explore how creating diverse and inclusive cultures increases innovation, drives better business results and improves employee engagement.

Innovate Your Business Model to Achieve Growth

Business event strategists and suppliers have massive potential to drive changes that increase revenue, decrease risk and contain costs for their organization. It comes down to being familiar with business challenges and applying innovative thinking to create more value and growth.