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This year’s theme: UNBOUND

This year’s theme: UNBOUND
Because we’ve all felt the incredible power of unlearning and relearning.
UNBOUND is your gateway to explore fresh perspectives and forward-thinking approaches that resonate with the everchanging expectations of event participants.


Day UNLEARN – April 15, 2024

Day UNLEARN is your source of inspiration. It’s the day we bring you insights from experts across various business disciplines. They’ve faced struggles, survived, and thrived. Now, they’ll share their wisdom with you.

Day RELEARN – April 16, 2024

Day RELEARN, we put knowledge into action. Drawing from the lessons of Day UNLEARN, our community applies these valuable insights to create actionable plans.



Main keynote speakers

Evangeline Leong
Founder & CEO
Kobe Technologies


Sally Foley-Lewis
Middle Manager Leadership &
Professional Development Expert

Scott Bales
Fintech GTM Advisor

Dominic Thurbon
Partner, Climate Change and
Sustainability Services

Our Agenda

*The above agenda is subject to change.



Join Us at “The Business of Events” – PCMA APAC’s Flagship Conference

For the past 18 months, we’ve journeyed across the Asia Pacific region, connecting with event strategists, and listening to their experiences. What we’ve discovered is nothing short of remarkable. The dynamic growth within certain business landscape has pushed their teams to their limits. Some stumbled, while others boldly embraced new ways of doing business.

The visionary leaders, those who remain open to change, have not just adapted but thrived. They’ve embraced the future of work, harnessed the power of evolving technology, and leaned into cutting-edge research and trends to sail through the relentless waves of uncertainty.



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The OECD forecasts that 1.1 billion jobs will face disruption in the next five years. In this transformative era, the success of the events industry will pivot on its most valuable asset: its people. Confronting the battle for talent, mastering hybrid work models, and effectively integrating generative AI are pivotal challenges. The cornerstone of our success will be rooted in cultivating a culture that prioritises learning and development. Our Day UNLEARN features three plenary sessions, offering a platform for diverse, people-centric conversations. These sessions will focus on the essential skill of unlearning, enabling us to adapt and thrive in an ever-evolving landscape. Join us to embrace this journey of continuous growth and transformation. Day UNLEARN is your source of inspiration.

“Knowledge without application is like a book that is never read” – Christopher Crawford.

Just as Day UNLEARN (Day 1) serves as a wellspring of inspiration from leaders outside of the business events industry, DAY RELEARN
is all about the practical application of knowledge. It’s where participants can drive significant Return on Investment from this educational event (other than our quality networking opportunities).

PCMA APAC is thrilled to activate our renowned Labs, where you can seamlessly merge your unlearning journey with resolving real
pain points alongside your peers. Immerse yourself in credible insights and strategically plot your future course for your business.

Meet Our Speakers

– Speakers On Day UNLEARN –

Evangeline Leong
Founder & CEO,
Kobe Global Technologies

Sally Foley-Lewis

Middle Manager Leadership &
Professional Development


Scott Bales
Global Futurist, Innovation
& Digital Strategist



The Business of Events aims to forge meaningful connections,
engage in co-learning, and shape a new horizon.
If you are interested in being involved in the 2024 programme and UNBOUND together,
please express your interest with us.

Hosted Buyer Programme

Here’s your exclusive opportunity to UNLEARN, RELEARN, and connect with the vibrant PCMA APAC community. This extraordinary experience is made possible by the PCMA Foundation and our esteemed event partners and sponsors.

Our Hosted Buyer Support Scheme* includes:
1.One complimentary registration for The Business of Events

2.Accommodation for up to three (3) nights

3.Reimbursement of return flight costs, up to US$500

You are required to participate in all of your scheduled appointments.


Welcome to the vibrant city-state of Singapore, where tradition and modernity seamlessly coexist. Embark on a sensory journey as you explore this multicultural melting pot. Indulge in the tantalising flavours of local cuisine at hawker centres, visit iconic landmarks, and immerse yourself in the cultural heritage of various neighbourhoods. Discover the city’s lush green spaces and pristine beaches. With its efficient public transportation system and impeccable cleanliness, Singapore is the perfect destination for both leisure and business travellers. Get ready to be captivated by this dynamic and cosmopolitan city.




Let’s explore

Join us in hosting industry leaders, including senior business events professionals, from top international corporations, associations and PCOs. Connecting people with purpose to ideas and opportunities – the business of human connections — is what we do better than anyone else, so why not get involved.

Connect with the PCMA audience in a relaxed and informal environment, where you can:

1.Position your brand as a leader in the business events industry.
2.Align your brand with PCMA, a recognised leader in the industry.
3.Immerse the audience in your organisation’s storey in creative and innovative ways.
4.Promote your brand with PCMA’s digital coverage on social media and publication networks.

The Business of Events will provide a platform for you to build on existing relationships and create new business connections to grow your business. Get in touch with the PCMA APAC Sales team to explore opportunities!

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