Director of Global Sales, Interprefy

Richard Roocroft is the Director of Global Sales at Interprefy. He was born in 1984 and grew up in the UK. He lives in Thailand now with his wife and is a proud father of two beautiful daughters. He has spent a majority of his career so far in Sales and Sales Management for SaaS businesses all over the world. A natural manager who finds himself in command through his ability to plan and keep both long and short-term objectives clearly in mind. He has a drive for tangible accomplishment and correctness with a leaning towards perfection. His preference is action to conversation and is a pragmatic individual who can be as tough as the situation warrants.

Session: Ask Me Anything (AMA) on Remote Simultaneous Interpretation. 13:45 AEDT. 

Curious to find out how Remote Simultaneous Interpretation works and how you can add real-time interpreting to your existing Zoom, Webex and more meetings? Interprefy’s Director of Global Sales, Richard Roocroft, and project manager Ivan Chin will host this AMA session to answer all your questions, share event examples, and provide tips on how to make the most out of Interprefy’s cloud-based remote interpreting platform.

Other speakers: Ivan Chin

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