Our APAC Conference is almost here! PCMA is a growing resource in the region, and we want to make sure that the message is spread to everyone who should see it. Included below are several versions of social copy and a list of Instagram hashtags, as well as a few image options. Have fun in November – we can’t wait to see you there!

Join PCMA members in the Asia-Pacific region for our annual APAC conference! Experience the latest in #businessevents trends and make valuable connections for 2020 and beyond. Register here and come to Macau: https://pcma.co/PCMAAC

The connections you make with PCMA will help you create your own future in #businessevents! Register for our APAC Annual Conference today and join industry professionals in Macau: https://pcma.co/PCMAAC

The PCMA APAC network is growing! Register and be a part of PCMA’s Annual Asia-Pacific conference this November in Macau. Join me and other #eventprofs from the region and build your connections: https://pcma.co/PCMAAC

Be a part of PCMA’s growing Asia-Pacific network! Come to PCMA’s annual APAC Conference in Macau to connect with me and other #eventprofs in the region: https://pcma.co/PCMAAC

How are you preparing for 2020? Join other #businessevents industry professionals at PCMA’s APAC Annual Conference for insights into the latest trends and education surrounding events. Register today: https://pcma.co/PCMAAC

Make powerful connections in the #BusinessEvents industry while preparing for 2020 with the latest trends and education! Join #PCMA in Macau in November: https://pcma.co/PCMAAC


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