9 Food Trends of the Future

Author: Jasmine Zhu       

French exhibitor Aoste presenting sausage and ham specialties at the Anuga 2001 fair. This year’s fair will feature nine food trends of the future. (Photo Courtesy of Anuga)

From potato salad in cans to organic produce, Anuga has showcased a wide range of food trends in its century of operations. The first Anuga fair, organized by Germany’s specialist food retailers, took place in Stuttgart, Germany, and featured approximately 200 mostly Germany-based exhibitors. This year’s F&B trade fair will take place in Cologne from Oct. 5-9, and welcome 7,400 exhibitors in food and food technology from close to 200 different countries across five continents.

The fair takes place biennially in Koelnmesse GmbH, and is separated into 10 themed areas, each representing a different facet of food and beverage: 1) Bread & Bakery, 2) Chilled & Fresh Food, 3) Culinary Concepts, 4) Dairy, 5) Drinks, 6) Fine Food, 7) Frozen Food, 8) Meat, 9) Hot Beverages, and 10) Organic.

Lorenz Rau, director of Anuga, told Convene via email that this year’s fair will “look back on the eventful history, but above all, take a look at current and future developments. As such, Anuga sets impulses and inspires people to new business ideas.”

Exhibitors at Anuga 2019 will present their latest innovations that speak to food trends of the present and future, ranging from ingredients to gastronomy equipment and technology. According to FoodBusinessNews.net, the following food trends will be prominently featured:

  1. Free-from products. Gluten-free, vegan food, and other foods with a “free-from” claim, continue to be popular across all segments.
  2. Halal food. Foods corresponding to Islamic dietary rules, are growing in importance, and there have been a record number of new product introductions in this category recently.
  3. Kosher products. Likewise, foods corresponding to Jewish dietary rules have also seen a growth in demand, with most kosher items found in bakery products, sauces, and snacks.
  4. Non-GMO claims. More than 5 percent of global new products last year were labeled non GMO, representing a 14-percent growth from 2014.
  5. Organic products. The fastest-growing category with organic ingredients is snacks, with a 19-percent growth from 2014-2018.
  6. Products with protected designation of origin. Regionally produced foods are seen as more trustworthy by consumers, and labels including certificates of origin, such as PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) or PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) will be featured at Anuga 2019.
  7. Ready-to-eat foods. Fast, convenient, and healthy meal and snack solutions are sought out among consumers with busy lifestyles.
  8. Highly nutritious foods, including grains, nuts, and seeds, have experienced double-digit growth over the past five years.
  9. Products based on fair trade. Based on international development, social equity, and fair economic profits, fair trade food items represented less than 1 percent of all newly introduced foodstuffs in 2018, but recorded a stable average annual growth of 6 percent from 2014 to 2018.

The focus on the future will be evident in this year’s new concept: The Boulevard of Inspiration, comprising the Anuga Trend Zone, Anuga Taste Innovation Show, and Anuga Horizon 2050, Lorenz said. “All three together are basically the hot spots for food and beverage trends, innovation, and future developments such as plant-based nutrition or in vitro meat.”

Anuga’s education program’s session titles — including “Preparing for a plant-based future,” “Holistic health through the ages,” and “Disrupted or distracted? Understanding insurgent brands and new business models in food” — further reflect future trends. Other insights will include new innovations in packaging, technology, and flavor.

Another new addition to Anuga will be opportunities for start-up companies to compete and pitch their products to a global trade audience, across such categories as fine food, culinary concepts, and more.

Photo Gallery: Anuga Through the Years

Visitor tasting of the new crispbread at the WASA booth in 1959. (Photo courtesy of Anuga)

Argentina, Canada, and Spain booths: In 1991, Anuga is more global than ever. (Photo courtesy of Anuga)

In 2007 Thailand became the first partner country of Anuga. (Photo courtesy of Anuga)

Aerial view of the Cologne exhibition centre. (Photo courtesy of Anuga)

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