Advancing Women in the Business Events Industry

PCMA Foundation and Business Events Sydney (BESydney) conducted a research project to engage the business events community on the specific and meaningful actions that can be taken to advance women into senior leadership roles, specifically C-suite and Board roles, within the Business Events (BE) industry.

As advocates for furthering the Business Events industry, PCMA and BESydney believe progress toward inclusivity is paramount to ensuring its sustainability. A diverse and inclusive leadership team is not just a strategic advantage but a fundamental necessity for the industry’s continued success. By fostering an environment that values and promotes the unique perspectives and talents of women, we aim to set a standard for excellence and innovation. Guidelines and recommendations for bringing more women into the C-Suite fold will be a meaningful contributor to industry progress and momentum.

The full report is available now and shares findings from the research as well as a set of recommendations for companies and individuals in the BE industry to implement in order to address the challenges and barriers described in the study.

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