• 8:00 Indonesia/Thailand
  • 9:00 China/Malaysia/Singapore
  • 10:00 Japan/Korea
  • 12:00 Sydney, Australi

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Opening Main Stage | You Can’t Be Seen Until You Learn to See
Seth Godin

All business event strategists are marketers with the responsibility of creating connections, empathy, providing experiences and making a difference. Yet many organizations are stuck in outmoded approaches expecting different results. Marketing sage Seth Godin will reveal how to cut through the noise in our attention economy and initiate change that puts your brand back into the center of the conversation.

Design Experiential Activations that Energize Audiences & Sponsors
Sean Cusak | Jason Naumoff

Being part of unique, share-worthy experiences is a major motivator for today’s consumers. Instead of investing marketing dollars in traditional logo-centric assets companies want to activate the senses by creating emotional, lasting connections between their brand and customers. You’ll explore how smart brands want to activate at events and the design process to create memorable experiences people brag about.

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