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Carolyn Clark
From hotel sales to agency marketing to brand strategy, Carolyn brings 25+ years of insights and a strategic perspective to communicating with the pcma.org audience.

Michelle Stoddard Crowley
A true road warrior, Michelle’s international travels give PCMA readers a unique perspective on the global possibilities of meeting planning.

Corey Domek
Whether she’s designing an invitation to the next PCMA event or taking charge of the PCMA Facebook page, Corey keeps our fans and followers updated on PCMA’s status.

Mary Reynolds Kane
From carving out the strategy for PCMA’s online initiatives to shaping the direction forward for virtual and hybrid events, Mary is the brains behind many of the screens you see at pcma.org.

David McMillin
With a beard, a laptop and an inquisitive mind, David interviews planners and suppliers to deliver cutting-edge coverage of what’s happening around the industry.

Jason Paganessi
With an unparalleled understanding of technology and web development, Jason ensures that PCMA and its website are reaching their full innovative potential.

Kelly Peacy
After 18 years of experience in association management and meetings and events, Kelly continues to search for new opportunities to inspire engagement and innovation for PCMA members.