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Additional areas of interest related to specialty niches PCMA  serves:

Association Meeting Professional

An individual who is the master of their organization's face-2-face member experience possesses the logistical skills of a SWAT Team and financial and budgeting skills that are the envy of the GAO. They have the unique ability to exist on 3 hours of daily sleep over the course of 3.75 days and still have a welcoming smile for everyone they encounter. They are the super glue that binds their organization's mission to their member's vision.

Biggest Challenges:

  • In a time when Associations are faced with remaining indispensable and relevant, association meeting professionals are faced with the dual challenges of having always to meet higher expectations of meeting experiences, without the ability to enact meeting design change when working with volunteer boards who fear risk or innovation.
  • How to build workable strategies that support business model innovation while negotiating to win from a position of weakness and on a shoestring budget.
  • Guarding against key employee burnout and how to use volunteers to help keep costs down and train subject matter experts to better deliver the program content.

Corporate Meetings Professional

An individual who is the master of their organization's face-2-face brand; possesses the logistical skills of a ninja and can best any pocket protector with their financial budgeting expertise. They have the unique ability to understand the word "final" might only be etched in jello.

Biggest challenges:

  • In the new environment of hyper scrutiny, corporate meetings professionals are faced with improving their competitive position within their own organization and confidently assuming the leadership mantle that endears their organization in sharing in the realization of their vision.
  • Along with the high volume and frequency of meetings they are faced with consistently reinventing the meeting experience, managing numerous vendors and partners and balancing technology integration without being taken over by managing any one of these things.

Tradeshow and Exhibitions (Convention) Professionals

An individual who is the master of their organization's show floor and their exhibitor's goals and objectives; possessing the combined financial skills of a MBA, CPA and CFP, the marketing skills of Seth Godin, and the drive of a an Olympic Marathoner. In their world "winning the lottery" is defined as a "40X40 by the entrance door". They are often referred to as "Bank" because the fruit of their labor makes the organization's bank for the next fiscal year.

Biggest challenges:

  • Keeping pace with the changing behaviors and mindset of trade show/exhibit attendees and proactively addressing the implications on their show model.
  • Balancing the contradicting needs and required value equation for a multitude of stakeholders.

Global Meetings Professional 

An individual who is the master of all places unknown; possessing more stamps in their passport than Magellan, the skill of converting currency and VAT's in their head and are able to pack in 1 carry-on for a week-long multi-country trip. They have the unique ability to tread international waters while navigating cultural differences.

Biggest challenges:

  • Utilizing cultural intelligence to strategize and execute business goals globally, while developing a greater understanding of local laws and business, and simultaneously overcoming infrastructure and sourcing obstacles.
  • Refining the critical skills demanded by today's global business climate and becoming globally savvy leaders who can make a direct impact on your financial bottom line and competitive market presence.

Independent Meeting Professionals

An individual who is the master of client relationships and strategic meeting solutions; possessing the negotiation skills of a sports agent, the determination of a salmon swimming upstream and the stamina of a Sherpa on Mount Kilimanjaro. They have the unique ability to simultaneously juggle three clients, 13 programs, and flaming swords.

Biggest Challenges:

  • Balancing the need to manage and grow their business and motivate their teams while simultaneously delivering upon their clients expectations. They can never get enough of hearing from experts in law, accounting, banking, insurance, management, and marketing to sharpen their business knowledge and advance their business to the next level.
  • They are always seeking new professional relationships, business efficiencies, and strategic partners.

Corporate Social Responsibility Meeting Professional

An individual who is the master of finding balance between their attendees, suppliers and the planet. Experts of green efforts, they are consistently searching for ways to minimize the footprint while still achieving their organization's goals and tending to their organization's soul.

Biggest challenges:

  • Looking to go beyond the talk and really make a difference and put an end to green washing. CSR planners and their groups embrace travelers' philanthropy and are committed to make a difference to the host destination. Eager for strategies to raise the bar and connect with the charitable organizations that really need the assistance.

Medical Meetings Professional

An individual who is the master of regulations and ACCME requirements; possessing the medical terminology spelling skills of a Bee Master, producing more new revenue streams than Google and can woo even the most cantankerous of researchers. They have the unique ability to quote the Sunshine Act on the cloudiest of days.

Biggest Challenges:

  • Staying ahead of increasing regulation and respond with new strategies and revenue models.
  • The ability to secure expected and impactful technology solutions for budgets both large and small.
  • Compliance with ACCME requirements and Global CME standards.

New Professionals

As the Gen Y and Millennial generation continue to enter the workforce, there is a clear group who are rapidly emerging as leaders. Usually high achieving, tech savvy professionals in their late 20's and very early 30's, they bring a fresh perspective to how offices function and how companies innovate. As Millennials begin to occupy the corner office, we'll see a shift in how work gets done. Focus will be placed on the quality and impact of the work, not the method in which it was executed.

Biggest Challenges:

  • Navigating organizational bureaucracy, challenging the status quo and garnering respect in the business unit to advance to the next position. Having the patience to learn and benefit from the institutionalized knowledge and avoid being pigeon-holed as a social media expert.