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Legacy Society

Your membership in the Legacy Society begins with a major gift to the PCMA Education Foundation in your lifetime, over a determined period of time, or after you have passed. Your gift will forever imprint your legacy on the industry, PCMA and the PCMA Education Foundation. Learn more about the Legacy Society review the FAQs.

Legacy Society

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Donors Listed Alphabetically

Martin D. Balogh
Eduardo Chaillo, CMP, CMM, CASE
Jack Chiasson, CAE
Mark & Kristen Coe
Jennifer D. Collins, CMP, CGMP
Barbara Connell, CAE, CMP
Behroz J. Daroga, CMP
Sue M. Dykema, CAE
Nancy L. Elder, CAE
Liz Erikson
Roy B. Evans, Jr., CAE
Chuck Fazio
T. John Folks
Carrie Freeman Parsons
Kristin Gibson, CMP
Ben Goedegebuure
Richard B. Green, CASE®, FASAE
Anne Hamilton, MBA
Brian Hile
Jack Horne
Susan Iris
Phillip Jones
Sherrif Karamat, CAE
Terry and Barbara Keenan
Raymond J. Kopcinski Sr., CMP
Lauren Kramer, CMP
Brad Lewis
Tony Lorenz
Kristin K. Mirabal
Martha Moores, CAE
David J. Olender
Anne O'Neill, CMP, CAE

John Patronski

Michael L. Payne
David G. Peckinpaugh, CMP
Stephen E. Peeler
Joseph V. Popolo, Jr.
Kati & Tim Quigley
William F. Reed, FASAE, CMP
Charlie Robinson, FASAE
James E. Rooney
Henry Rosales
Debra L. Rosencrance, CMP, CAE
Deidre Irwin Ross, MHA, CMP, CAE
Eric Rozenberg, CMP, CMM
Catherine L. Scheck
Gary Schirmacher, CMP
Deborah Sexton, FASAE
Lynn O. Smith, CMP
Karin Soyster Fitzgerald, CMP, CAE
Sheila Stampfli
Brian D. Stevens
Lois J. Stratemeier
Valerie M. Sumner
Annette M. Suriani
James H. Sweeney
Gregg H. Talley, FASAE, CAE
Nick Topitzes, pc/nametag
Greg Van Dyke
Dan Weber
Christopher J. Wehking, CMP
David L. Williams, CMP
Leigh Wintz, FASAE, CAE
James H. Youngblood & Jay A. Marsh

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